08 Feb 2023

Subcontracts with Eastern European companies: A must for every entrepreneur?

Have you ever thought about subcontracting with Polish and Eastern European companies? We have looked at the advantages and disadvantages of this type of contract. In our article we offer you an assessment of the risks to find out whether they are reasonable for your business or not. When you read our article, you will learn a lot about how to make subcontracts successful. And if you still have questions or need to find a staffing agency for your business, we'll be happy to help. Subcontractor mediation from Eastern Europe, we would be pleased to win you as a partner! We from Zeitarbeit International,we have specialised in the placement of subcontractors and temporary workers. We mediate Subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe for the construction industry, IndustryLogisticsProductionSolar technology etc. Learn more about us >>>

What is a subcontract?

A subcontracting agreement or also Work contract is an agreement between a contractor (the entrepreneur) and a subcontractor that regulates the execution process. Such a contract secures various important rights and obligations for both parties. In order to create a effective Subcontract to be drawn up one must observe general legal provisions. 

Why subcontracts are important!

Due to a shortage of skilled workers in Germany, many companies work with subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe. This is because they value the skills of foreign subcontractors to drive their business forward. Subcontractor employment brings some advantages but also disadvantages. 

What advantages do subcontractors bring?

The benefits to companies of using subcontractors from these countriesn are manifold. On the one hand, it offers an opportunity, Cost savings through lower wages and lower social security contributions. Furthermore, through the use of subcontractors, companies can reduce their Reduce risk and accordingly More flexibility in workforce planning receive.

Legal consequences

Despite all the advantages, however, one should bear in mind that hiring subcontractors from Poland or Eastern Europe also entails legal consequences. Therefore, it is important that companies consider all legal framework conditions before they take the step and conclude a subcontracting agreement. Such a contract must contain all the rights and obligations of the client as well as the subcontractor and should include essential points such as Duties of the Contractor, Compensation schemes or Deadline stipulate. It is therefore advisable that both the contractor and the client receive legal advice before concluding such a contract. 

Observe local labour laws

Another important point when hiring subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe is to consider local labour laws. As these can differ in different countries, it is advisable to inform yourself about the respective national laws before proceeding with such a contract. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to seek professional advice or to consult a lawyer or specialist in labour law. In this way, you can avoid having problems or claims for damages rejected later on.

With us as a personnel service provider

Are you looking for a partner for your business project? We have over 20 years of experience with subcontractor placement and support you in all legal consequences of concluding a subcontract agreement.  We mediate subcontractors for industry, industrial assembly, Machine relocationsElectrical engineeringAutomotive industryMetal and steel constructionProduction and logistics. Our experts guarantee professional advice and a promising partnership.

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