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Temporary workers and subcontractors from Eastern Europe

Zeitarbeit International is your reliable personnel service provider in the automotive industry. Thanks to our large network and partners in Eastern Europe, we can be proud of being one of the leading recruiters in the automotive industry. We mediate quickly and individually according to your requirements temporary workers and subcontractors for automotive construction and maintenance.

Are you looking for reliable personnel for the automotive industry? In the automotive industry in Germany there is a lack of experienced workers in automotive production and manufacturing. Production assistants, production employees, but also quality inspectors, car mechanics, qualified engineers and designers are in great demand on the German job market.  

Recruitment for the automotive industry

KFZ Mechaniker Automobilbranche
Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland

Production assistant for the automotive industry

We provide experienced specialists as well as production assistants and production employees for the automotive industry from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania and the Ukraine. Our assistants from Eastern Europe are mainly deployed in supporting activities, such as B. in the manufacture and manufacture, cleaning, transport and storage of goods and machines. Production workers from Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are also directly involved in production. Our subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe are highly qualified, speak German and can be on site within 7 days. 

Zeitarbeit International places qualified personnel for the automotive industry from Poland, Hungary, Czech RepublicSlovakiaLatvia and other Eastern European countries. Are employees wanted in car manufacturing?

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 We support the search for personnel for automotive production, vehicle construction, purchasing and materials management, research and development for the following activities:

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