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What are the recruitment costs? How much does a good recruitment service from Eastern Europe cost? At Zeitarbeit International, we are strong in recruiting personnel from Eastern Europe for industry, trade, logistics, machine relocation, etc. The agency fee is made up depending on whether you are looking for unskilled workers or specialist staff from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary.

one-time referral fee

Auxiliary worker

ab 650
Workers with work experience
In about 5-6 days at the place of work
German speaking or with translator
Including permits & transport

one-time referral fee


v. Brutto
Special professionals, academics
Experience in the German labor market
In about 3 weeks at the place of work
German speaking or with translator
Incl. all permits & transport

How much does a worker from Eastern EU countries cost?

Who after Personnel for industry and trade from Eastern Europe searches, naturally asks itself about recruitment costs. Because it is well known that one of the advantages of employing workers from Eastern European countries, whether as Temporary workers or Subcontractors, is cost savings. Temporary employees based on temporary work or agency work from Poland, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Ukraine and other Eastern European countries are now employed by many German companies. Temporary work has many advantages for clients.

We strive for a long-term partnership

We want your company to grow. To do this, you need good staff. We accompany you in all phases of recruitment. Regardless of whether you are interested in temporary work, subcontractors or personnel recruitment, we will provide you with the personnel you need quickly and inexpensively. We as Recruiter Eastern Europe it is important to provide you with good, qualified and hard-working personnel for industry, trade, logistics or production from Eastern Europe. Your growth and satisfaction is extremely important to us. We present guide prices. We will calculate the final prices for you individually if we have personnel requirements. 

Are you interested in a cooperation? Contact us and you will receive a non-binding offer. 

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One of the key benefits of recruiting is time savings. Furthermore, despite the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, recruitment agencies offer sufficiently qualified employees at the right time. The Temporary workers or subcontractor, recruitment agency Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic or Baltikum. takes over the work involved in organization and approvals as well as communication and ensures that recruitment from Eastern Europe runs smoothly.

Wollen sie die Arbeitskräfte aus Osteuropa für einen gewissen Zeitraum zu sich holen? Dann kommt die Zeitarbeit oder Temporary employment agency in Frage. Bei Arbeitnehmerüberlassung sind die Leiharbeiter bei einer Zeitarbeitsfirma fest angestellt sind und werden nur an Ihr Unternehmen in Deutschland entliehen.

Dagegen wird bei der Personalvermittlung die passende Arbeitskraft aus Osteuropa in einem Unternehmen in Deutschland direkt eingestellt wird. Der Nachteil der Zeitarbeit ist, dass ein ausgeliehener Arbeitnehmer nur 9 Monate verliehen werden. 

Die Kosten für eine Personalvermittlung werden vom Auftraggeber getragen, also dem Unternehmen, welches die Recruitment engagiert. Sie zahlen bei uns keine hohen Provisionen, sondern nur ein einmaliges Vermittlungshonorar, aber auch nur bei einer erfolgreichen Personalvermittlung aus Osteuropa.

Thanks to our large international network, we place qualified specialists for industry and trade as well as auxiliary staff from Poland, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, the Ukraine and third countries. 

Our temporary workers and subcontractors speak German and have already gained experience as employees in Germany.

Find workers from Eastern Europe now!

Die meisten von uns vermittelte Arbeitskräfte aus Osteuropa haben bereits in Deutschland oder Österreich gearbeitet und können sich gut verständigen. Außerdem kennen sich mit den kulturellen Besonderheiten des Landes aus und können sich somit gut in die neuen Aufgaben einarbeiten.  Sollte für Sie als Auftraggeber diese Anforderung wichtig sein, achten wir in der Rekrutierung darauf die Kandidaten mit guten Deuschkenntnissen auszuwählen.

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