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Recruitment & temporary work from Eastern Europe

Zeitarbeit International is your reliable personnel service provider for industrial assembly and plant construction. Thanks to our large network and partners in Eastern Europe, we can be proud to be one of the leading recruiters in the industrial sector. We mediate quickly and individually according to your requirements temporary workers and subcontractors for industrial services. Our customers appreciate our innovative and individual solutions as well as a fair price-performance ratio. They appreciate our high quality standard, reliability and competence. Our clients also benefit from our motivated and qualified specialist staff from Eastern Europe and excellent logistics. Temporary workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Eastern European countries have mastered modern assembly techniques and offer professional project and construction site management. 

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Our fitters & plant builders from Eastern Europe

We offer their customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland individual solutions in the areas of temporary work, industrial assembly, Recruitment and Employee leasing, as well as commercial assembly services, especially in the industrial sector, mechanical and plant engineering or the trade. We provide experienced specialists from Eastern Europe for industrial services and assembly work of all kinds. Our subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe are highly qualified, speak German and can be on site within 7 days. 

Are you looking for specialists for industrial assembly? We place top personnel from Eastern Europe!

We select the right workers for you in a targeted and careful manner. We put together a well-rehearsed team for you that exactly meets your requirements and needs. In addition, we ensure that our specialists have sufficient knowledge of German to be able to communicate well at the new place of work. We invest in further education and German courses in our home town. 

We appreciate long-term cooperation and will be happy to win you as a long-term partner. Because we know that trained staff is preferred. 

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We are experienced recruiters in Eastern Europe. We provide qualified specialists, Craftsmen from Poland, assistants from Czech Republic, Temporary workers from Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine for industry, assembly, steel construction, plant engineering, Automotive, Welding technology, Electrical engineeringProduction logistics etc. 

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