Temporary workers and subcontractors from the Czech Republic

Personnel from Eastern Europe for production, logistics, industry, automotive sector

Due to the shortage of labour and skilled workers in Germany, many companies work with temporary workers and subcontractors from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and other EU countries. Workers from the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe are competent and motivated. They also have sufficient German language skills and the necessary experience and competence.

Temporary employment or hiring out workers from the Czech Republic in Germany is becoming more and more important. Among temporary workers there are the so-called "flexi-workers". These are workers from abroad who have been contracted by a specific company to do project work for a specific period of time. They are not permanently tied to a particular employer or location. After completing the work, they can return to their home country at any time to look for another project.

On the other hand, there are workers from the Czech Republic who commit to work for an employer for a certain period of time under the contract. These are the so-called "tied workers".  As the latter, there are the so-called temporary workers, who in the past were temporary workers or agency workers, but are now willing to sign a contract with a specific employer. They are usually highly qualified and therefore very valuable.

Are you looking for workers from the Czech Republic, craftsmen from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria or another Eastern European country? We, Zeitarbeit International, recruit subcontractors & temporary workers from the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe for Industry, Stable and metal construction, Production & Logistics, Industrial assembly, Automobile construction. We provide temporary workers from the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe for German-speaking companies on the basis of a contract for work and labour or temporary employment.

Workers from the Czech Republic - we place workers from all industries

We place qualified skilled and unskilled workers, craftsmen, steelworkers, production assistants, manufacturing employees from Hungary and Eastern Europe. Welders, locksmiths, electricians, construction workers from the Czech Republic, production workers, assembly line workers, packing helpers, warehouse helpers, shipping workers, bricklayers, painters, plasterers, workers from the following industries:


Photovoltaic specialist companies, solar technicians, photovoltaic electricians, fitters, installers

Production assistants in the automotive industry, production workers, quality inspectors, car mechanics

Steel/metal construction fitters, factory fitters, sheet metal fitters, machine fitters, pipe fitters

Workers from the Czech Republic - what to look out for

There are two ways in which a German company can hire an employee from abroad.

If a Czech employee is hired by a German company for a certain period of time, the company becomes a so-called "economic employer" according to the Income Tax Act. In that case, it is obliged to make an advance payment of income tax from the remuneration for the Czech hired worker. However, if the worker from the Czech Republic is not hired by a German company, but is employed directly by the German client, the client is exempt from this obligation. 

Employee leasing Czech Republic

There are many laws and legal regulations to consider when hiring out employees in the Czech Republic. If the laws are violated in the case of an employee leasing in the Czech Republic, high penalties may be imposed. The regulations on pay and holidays must also be observed.

We, Temporary Employment International, advise you professionally on all questions concerning Recruitment Eastern Europe, Temporary employment agency and Work contracts
As an experienced personnel service provider, we are familiar with all legal rules and laws and handle all bureaucratic matters.
Our recruitment agency from Eastern Europe focuses exclusively on your requirement profile and provides you with the necessary personnel from the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe within a short period of time.

Collective agreement rules must be observed when hiring out workers from the Czech Republic. The skilled workers from the Czech Republic must be registered with the social security authorities. With us as your partner, you don't have to worry about this, we take care of it for you. Our personnel managers search specifically for skilled workers for your company. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the Czech labour market, we only place personnel from the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe who meet your requirements.

With us as a recruiter Eastern Europe - your advantages

  • As an employer, you concentrate on your main business and we take care of your staff.
  • You save yourself the job advertisements. As a recruitment agency, we have very good contacts to the agencies in the Czech Republic. So we can quickly find Czech skilled & unskilled workers or for your company. 
  • Our international network facilitates the selection of suitable specialists. We check whether the candidates fit your company.
    Employee leasing is quick and uncomplicated. 
  • Our satisfied customers are our best references: Siemens, Infineon, Audi, Bosch, Porsche trust in our experience.

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We are an experienced recruitment agency for Eastern Europe. We place qualified skilled personnel as well as unskilled workers from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine for industry, assembly, steel construction, plant engineering, production logistics, etc. 

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