Workers from Ukraine in Germany

Auxiliary staff for industry and production

People who have fled Ukraine are allowed to work in Germany if they have a residence title or residence permit. Some people who come to Germany from Ukraine as war refugees would like to work immediately and earn their own money and build up prospects for themselves in Germany. German companies can help people find a job on the labour market. We help with the placement of Ukrainian workers in Germany.

We place personnel for industry and logistics, construction and trade. Whether warehouse workers, production assistants, inventory assistants, forklift truck drivers, machine workers, order pickers, packaging assistants, assembly assistants - workers from Ukraine are waiting for your assignment. Many Ukrainian refugees have only limited knowledge of German, but can be wonderfully employed as unskilled workers. Especially as cleaners, packaging helpers, production helpers, service workers, industrial helpers. 

If you are looking for qualified Ukrainian employees and skilled workers for your company, we will be happy to advise and support you with our industry knowledge. As an experienced recruitment agency for Eastern Europe, we specialise in the placement of personnel from Ukraine.

Auxiliary staff placement - Personnel from Ukraine and Eastern Europe

We place unskilled workers, craftsmen, steel workers, production workers, production workers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe, production workers, assembly line workers, packing workers, warehouse workers, shipping workers, bricklayers, painters, plasterers, workers from the following industries:

Personnel solutions for every requirement

With our experience in the field of personnel placement Eastern Europe, Temporary employment agency and our large pool of employees from Eastern Europe, we are always in a position to provide our clients with the right workers to meet their individual requirements. 

Anyone who can provide proof of a recognised training or university degree may work in Germany at remuneration customary in the locality. The employee only has to have an employment contract or a concrete job offer and a qualification that is recognised or equivalent in Germany.

Work permit and employment services for workers from Ukraine

Ukrainian refugees in Germany do not need a work permit. They receive a residence permit with the remark "gainful employment permitted". This allows them to work in Germany. Even employment as a temporary workers or a freelance or self-employed activity is also permitted. 

Since the war in Ukraine, there have also been significant changes in the right of residence and labour regulations in Germany, which make it possible to no longer treat Ukrainians only as Professionals, but also as Support staff to employ non-trained workers in Germany, which was not possible before. The labour market in Germany has been opened practically without restriction to Ukrainian workers and is fully available to Ukrainians. It is now possible to employ Ukrainians who enter Germany as refugees as well as Ukrainians who are already in Germany and the EU as refugees. Training or studies are no longer required. Ukrainians can now also be employed as helpers and semi-skilled workers without training certificates.

However, many people from Ukraine want to continue practising their profession. Therefore, they have to provide proof of professional qualifications for some jobs. The recognition of their certificates and degrees takes time. We take care of subcontractor placement, Temporary employment agency,  Work contracts, Recruitment, Outsourcing, Employee posting of workers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Hiring workers from Ukraine - with us as a personnel service provider

Are you looking for skilled or unskilled workers from Ukraine or Eastern Europe? As an experienced recruiter for Eastern Europe, we are here to support you. 

People fleeing the war in Ukraine are allowed to work in the EU for up to three years. We have over 20 years of experience in personnel placement from Eastern Europe. We place personnel from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Baltikum., Hungary, Romania. Due to the circumstances, we have placed the focus of our work on the placement of refugees in the German labour market. 

In addition to skilled workers from Eastern Europe, we now also place unskilled and semi-skilled workers from Ukraine in all sectors. Some of the workers are already in Germany and some are still in Ukraine. We take care of all formalities concerning the employment of Ukrainians in Germany.

This is how the recruitment process works:

Recruitment Eastern Europe

Our staffing services

We are an experienced recruitment agency for Eastern Europe. We place qualified skilled personnel as well as unskilled workers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine for industry, assembly, steel construction, plant engineering, production logistics etc. 

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