30 Apr 2024

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the German labour market

We are all still thinking with horror about the COVID-19 pandemic. The most terrible catastrophe of recent times was a truly terrible experience worldwide, not only in private but also in professional life. Germany, as one of the largest economies in Europe, was not spared from these effects.

Many people died, many companies could no longer employ their staff and had to close, we all remember it well. What were the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the German labor market?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a variety of challenges to the German labor market, including:

  • Job losses: many companies had to reduce their activities or even close due to lockdowns and economic restrictions. This led to an increase in unemployment.
  • Short-time work: in order to avoid layoffs, many companies resorted to short-time work. This resulted in a temporary reduction in employees' working hours and salaries.
  • Change in working methods: the pandemic forced many companies to switch to home offices and introduce flexible working models, which led to a fundamental change in the way of working.
  • Delaysin new hiring: due to economic uncertainty, many companies hesitated to hire new employees and reduced their recruiting activities.

What role do subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe play?

In this challenging time, subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe play an important role in stabilizing and supporting the German labor market. Here are some ways in which they have been able to contribute:

  • Flexibilityand adaptability: subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe are often flexible and adaptable and can respond quickly to changing work requirements. This can help companies to respond flexibly to changing market conditions and adapt their workforce needs.
  • Specialized expertise: many subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe have specialised knowledge and skills, particularly in areas such as construction, trades, engineering and technology. These skills are particularly in demand during the pandemic, as certain industries, such as construction, remain active and require skilled workers.
  • Support in overcoming staff shortages: in industries suffering from an acute shortage of skilled workers, subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe can help to overcome staff shortages and ensure business continuity.
  • Provision of temporary workers: by providing temporary workers, subcontractors and temporary agency workers from Eastern Europe can help companies respond flexibly to seasonal fluctuations or short-term projects without entering into long-term commitments.

What challenges and solutions are there here?

Of course, there are also challenges in integrating subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe into the German labor market, including:

  • Language barriers and cultural differences: language barriers and cultural differences can make communication and collaboration difficult. Companies can address these challenges by providing language courses and cultural awareness training.
  • Legal and administrative hurdles: compliance with work and residency regulations and the processing of visas and work permits can be complex and companies should ensure they have the necessary expertise and resources to overcome these hurdles.
  • Fairness and equal treatment: it is important to ensure that subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe are treated fairly and receive the same working rights and conditions as local workers. Companies should comply with applicable labour laws and ensure fair remuneration and working conditions.

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