International outsourcing - relocation of production to Eastern Europe

The outsourcing of business activities, especially production and manufacturing, to Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly important. Around three quarters of German companies are in favor of outsourcing projects in neighboring Eastern European countries Poland, Slovakia or the Czech Republic.

Outsourcing in the IT sector, transport, logistics, production

Many German companies outsource their business processes to Eastern Europe, especially in the IT sector (30 percent), transport and logistics (25 percent), banks (28 percent) and production and manufacturing (28 percent). This is shown by the current study "Success Model Outsourcing 2011" by Steria Mummert in cooperation with the Institute for Management and Economic Research.

Every fourth German company wants to outsource more production processes to Eastern Europe in the future. 25% of German companies see the outsourcing of production processes as more important in the next 5 years. 40% see more service outsourcing during this period.

The reasons for this are diverse. On the one hand, the companies want to concentrate more on their core business and become more efficient by relocating production to Eastern Europe. On the other hand, you want to improve your competitiveness and increase flexibility. By outsourcing, companies achieve low capital commitment and better growth opportunities. 
Companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland expect more than 18% cost savings by relocating production to Eastern Europe. 

From China to Eastern Europe: the production flight opens up new paths

From China to Eastern Europe - a step into a new era of production. Companies around the world are increasingly looking for alternatives to Chinese production and are discovering attractive location factors in Eastern Europe. But what are the reasons, opportunities and challenges accompanying this relocation?

The relocation of production from China to Eastern Europe offers companies the opportunity to reduce their costs and tap into new markets. Despite some challenges, Eastern Europe offers attractive location factors and potential for companies. However, successful implementation requires a strategic approach and the ability to adapt to local conditions. Future prospects show that the situation will continue to develop and new opportunities may arise.

The right outsourcing partner - Temporary Employment International

Do you want to relocate a project, a service or an entire company to Eastern Europe? Then you need the right partner who can assess the opportunities and risks well and who will support you in outsourcing production processes. 

We from Zeitarbeit International, see ourselves as a full-service provider and accompany companies through the entire outsourcing process. We work closely with the founding law firm together, whose tax consultants take care of the sales tax returns, annual financial statements and other questions. We are available to advise you on all legal matters.
Whether tax optimisation, inheritance/company succession, company expansion, foreign holding company or asset management. We find the optimal solution for almost all projects.

Outsourcing Osteuropa

The advantages of outsourcing Eastern Europe

For many companies it is Qutsourcing a welcome opportunity to save costs by working with an external service provider and to focus fully on your core business. 

Save money and time with outsourcing

Outsourcing saves money and time on the one hand through internal resource savings, since the external service provider specializes in a particular task. On the other hand, the outsourcing partners draw on a larger pool of employees. Recruitment, onboarding and training time for new employees is saved by outsourcing to external service providers.

Security and quality through outsourcing

By outsourcing to Eastern European countries, companies benefit from the expertise of an external company, from its experience in a specific area. The quality factor also plays an important role in outsourcing. Professional service providers specialize in certain areas and can draw on many years of experience.

Concentration on the essentials

By outsourcing projects, companies can focus on their core competencies and make what they specialize in. This leads to enormous resource savings and higher employee productivity and motivation.

By outsourcing projects, companies can focus on their core competencies and make what they specialize in. This leads to enormous resource savings and higher employee productivity and motivation.

Outsourcing certain tasks to the external service provider in Eastern Europe creates transparency in terms of costs and benefits. You know the costs for certain services and can judge whether it is a good investment.
Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland
Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland

Disadvantages of Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

For many companies it is Qutsourcing a welcome opportunity to save costs by working with an external service provider and to focus fully on your core business. But there are downsides to outsourcing that also need to be considered. 

Outsourcing makes you dependent

Outsourcing makes you dependent. Expertise and experience are gathered externally, there is no transfer of know-how, which entails some risks for your company.

Outsourcing does not make sense for all areas

For small companies that deal with customer data in their core business, outsourcing entails some risks, since the costs incurred in the event of a security gap can be very high. In addition, outsourcing has a negative effect on the working atmosphere, since employees have no exchange with their colleagues.

Outsourcing can be time consuming

In some cases, outsourcing can be very time-consuming, since some departments have to exchange information intensively. Due to a large distance to the service provider, communication through telephone calls and emails can lead to delays.

No know-how transfer

By outsourcing certain tasks, the expertise is outsourced and internal employees do not have to be trained in this regard. As a result, there is no further training and the know-how gained with it in our own ranks.

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe - with us as a partner

Through a precise analysis, we help you to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, to evaluate the opportunities and risks of relocation. Outsource your projects or your production in all areas! Trust our experience. We would be happy to send you references or invite you to partner companies or to a production facility that has already been relocated. 

From food production to metalworking factories in Poland, car parts production in the Czech Republic or Hungary - we have experience and the right partner for you. Benefit from our network and our experience.

staff from Eastern Europe

Other staffing services

We are experienced recruiters in Eastern Europe. We provide qualified specialists and assistants from the Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, the Ukraine for industry, assembly, steel construction, plant construction, production logistics etc.