Experienced staff for production & logistics

Are you looking for competent and experienced production staff or personnel for Logistics? We, Zeitarbeit International, will find workers for you for production, manufacturing, inventory management, order picking, sequencing, empties management or internal transport. Our staff from Eastern Europe is productive and motivated. In addition, we provide competent personnel for the food industry, air freight, sea freight, automotive, logistics in ports, etc. Our customers are logistics and transport service companies, manufacturers and suppliers from industry, contract logistics companies, wholesalers and retailers, mail order companies, e-commerce retailers. 

Our core competencies are Recruitment Eastern Europe, Subcontractors and Temporary work production from Eastern Europe. We place specialists and assistants for production logistics Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. You concentrate on your main business and we take care of the entire recruitment process, such as organization and administration as well as forms and approvals.

Find workers from Eastern Europe for Production & Manufacturing

Are you looking for production assistants or production employees? We place the most committed and hard-working staff from Eastern Europe: Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Our temporary production workers from Eastern Europe are helpful, careful and disciplined. With us you will find suitable personnel for production logistics, warehouse management, textile industry, food Industryautomotive industry, industrial manufacturing, picking, packaging , sorting of goods. We also provide you with fillers, assembly line employees, order pickers, packing assistants, production assistants and inspectors in a timely and straightforward manner.

We provide logistics employees from Eastern Europe

No matter what you need order pickers, forklift drivers, crane operators or truck drivers - we at Zeitarbeit International are at your side with our logistics staff from abroad! You will find qualified and hard-working logistics employees for you whether in Temporary Work, fixed or on Work contract Basis. 

Logistikpersonal aus dem ausland

Our range of services in production logistics

In addition, qualified personnel mediate for Industrial assembly & plant construction, Qelders, Electrician, steelworker. With us as your partner, you get quick solutions to staff shortages.  Make a non-binding personnel inquiry and receive competent production and manufacturing personnel in time for the start of the project.

Find workers - we recruit in Eastern Europe

Personnel for factories, production and manufacturing is very scarce in Germany. But there are still some hard-working workers in Eastern Europe, production workers, packers, sorters. Thanks to our international pool of unskilled workers, we are looking for suitable candidates in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and the Ukraine with our production helper placement. We attach great importance to the fact that the workers can communicate in German so that there are no language barriers. Some workers from Eastern Europe, who we send to Germany through our production helper placement, have already worked in Germany and speak excellent German.

Recruitment for production & logistics - costs

Are you looking for temporary staff for production and logistics? If you would like to use our recruitment agency and apply for temporary staff or subcontractors from Eastern Europe for a limited time, then send us a personnel enquiry. We will then look for the right ones according to the wishes you have specified workers from Eastern Europe and take care of the entire process of placing production workers. 

A service contract is signed in advance and a corresponding requirement profile is drawn up. This defines our brokerage commission. 

Become our partner and get qualified support staff for your production and manufacturing as well as production logistics.

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