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Personnel from Poland for craft, production, industry, etc.

Search Polish craftsmen or personnel for industry, Production, logistics, Steel and metal construction or Automobile construction from Poland? Us, Zeitarbeit International, we place temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland, hard-working production assistants and reliable craftsmen from Poland or Eastern Europe. As an experienced personnel service provider for Eastern Europe, we specialise in the placement of qualified German-speaking temporary workers, subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe. Our temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland from various Industry, how Steel and metal construction, Industrial assembly and plant construction, Production & Logistics come to the work site with their own tools and machines.

Are you looking for reliable staff from Poland? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you! Our Polish temporary workers speak German. They are available quickly and can be deployed flexibly. We take care of the entire process: organisation, administration, work permits, authorisation, accommodation, catering, travel. More about us >>>

We place craftsmen from Poland from almost all branches:

We place qualified skilled and unskilled workers, craftsmen, steel constructors, production assistants, manufacturing employees from Poland and Eastern Europe, welders, locksmiths, electricians from Poland from the following industries:

Production & Logistics

Production & Logistics

Welders and locksmiths

Aluminum welding, inert gas welding, plasma welding, arc welding, orbital welding

Electrical engineering

Lighting technology, industrial installations, automation technology, maintenance and repair of electrical systems

Industrial assembly

Structural steel construction, car park construction, plant construction, bridge construction, crane runway renovation, disassembly and reassembly of complete systems, maintenance and conversion, assembly

Automotive industry

Automobile production, car maintenance, vehicle cleaning, assembly of parts and assemblies, packaging and warehousing, etc.

Metal construction & steel construction

Planning of steel constructions, static calculation, production, three-dimensional CAD construction, delivery, assembly

Polish craftsmen & production workers placement

Zeitarbeit International is your personnel service provider, specialising in the Work contracts, Temporary employment agency Poland, Employee posting. We specialise in the placement of temporary workers from Poland and Eastern Europe. Also from the other countries of Eastern Europe like Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary as well as Ukraine we place motivated and experienced temporary workers in Germany. We are supported in this by our partners abroad, who enable us to place foreign temporary workers.

Polish temporary employment agencies support us with their many years of experience in the secondment of Polish craftsmen and unskilled workers. We will find the right Polish workers for you according to your specific requirements. With the help of our qualified and reliable temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe, we help to bridge the personnel shortage in Germany safely and cost-effectively.

Polish agency workers - is A worthwhile investment

It pays to employ Polish temporary workers. Because temporary workers or subcontractors from Poland and in general staff from Eastern Europe are very cheap. This is because people earn less in Poland. That's why there are also many Polish temporary workers who come to Germany and work here. Most of them have no problem working for little money and are very hardworking. This also makes them very popular with the companies that temporary workers or subcontractors search. More about the Experience the advantages of employing temporary Polish workers >>>

Polish craftsmen prices

You have decided to have a Craftsmen from Poland but how much do they charge for Polish tradesmen? Find out more about hourly wages, agency fees and other tradesmen costs you need to consider. Read the following article and find out how to spend your money wisely on the use of Craftsmen from Poland can use! What does the Mediation from Polish craftsmen? 

Read more about the tasks of Polish craftsmen as well as the prices >>>

This is how the recruitment process works:

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Our staffing services

As an experienced personnel service provider in Eastern Europe, we place qualified specialists as well as auxiliary workers, temporary workers and subcontractors Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine for solar technology, industry, assembly, steel construction, plant engineering, production logistics, etc. We take care of the entire process: organisation, permits, transport and accommodation of the workers from Poland at the place of work. 

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