18 Apr 2024

Recruiting foreign skilled workerss

From which countries can I recruit skilled workers?

Companies seeking qualified foreign professionals are increasingly expanding their search to the entire world. Knowing where to find this talent is crucial for effective recruitment. 

In EU countries such as Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam, Brazil and India we find a wealth of talent waiting to be utilized.

Priority countries for the recruitment of skilled workers

  1. Czech Republic is known for its strong technical education system with a focus on engineering and IT. The Czech Republic has a thriving automotive industry and a growing technology sector.
  1. Croatia: the country has a well-educated workforce, especially in areas such as tourism and the maritime industry. Croatia has a pool of skilled workers that contributes to its robust tourism sector and emerging technology start-ups.
  1. Bulgaria: the Bulgarian education system places emphasis on STEM subjects. It provides skilled workers for the growing IT sector and manufacturing industry. The strategic location attracts investments in logistics and outsourcing services.
  2. Slovenia: the country is known for its high-quality education system. Slovenia produces skilled professionals in fields such as engineering and finance. The quality of its workforce supports all sectors of advanced manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and green technology.
  3. Slovakia: the Slovak education system places emphasis on technical and vocational education, particularly in the education of workers who will Automobile construction and skilled in advanced manufacturing. These are the main drivers of the country's export-oriented economy.
  4. Latvia: the Latvian education system places emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. Latvia cultivates talent for the thriving IT and fintech sectors, as well as the growing biotechnology and green energy industries.
  1. Lithuania: lithuania's education system places emphasis on STEM subjects. It provides skilled professionals for the robust IT and software development industry. And the sectors renewable energy and life sciences are growing.
  1. Hungary: hungary's education system focuses on engineering and technology. It supports the automobile- and Electronics industryIts skilled workforce also contributes to the country's thriving tourism and hospitality sector.
  1. Romania: the Romanian education system focuses on STEM disciplines, providing talent for the country's fast-growing IT and software development industry, as well as for the expanding automotive manufacturing and outsourcing industries.
  1. Poland: a country whose education system places a strong emphasis on engineering and technology. Poland has a skilled workforce working in automotive manufacturing, IT outsourcing and renewable energy.
  2. Ukraine: The Ukrainian education system produces highly qualified specialists. This is especially true in fields such as IT and engineering, as well as agriculture and aerospace.
  3. Vietnam: provides talent for the growing technology and electronics industries, as well as for the growing tourism and renewable energy sectors.
  1. Brazil: Brazil's education system produces skilled professionals for its diverse economy, with a focus on sectors such as agriculture, energy and manufacturing. The growing tech startup scene reflects the increasing importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  2. India: known for its large number of engineering and IT graduates! The Indian education system is the foundation for the thriving technology and software industry. As well as the robust pharmaceutical, healthcare and automotive industries.

Recruiting workers from abroad

Companies looking for highly skilled talent are increasingly realising the importance of global recruitment. Our guide provides insights into specific countries with rich talent pools.

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