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Zeitarbeit International offers quick help in the event of staff shortages or production peaks in order to cope with acute order peaks. In terms of work, we offer you our experience and expertise in temporary temporary employment.

Temporary workers are a worthwhile investment. We place temporary workers Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia as well as cheap temporary workers from Lithuania and Latvia and other countries in Eastern Europe to meet your temporary needs for skilled and unskilled workers for industry, installation, plant engineering, steel construction or Production and logistics as well as in the medical field.

In order to recruit temporary workers from Eastern Europe from various sectors, we work together with numerous temporary employment agencies in Eastern Europe. We draw on many years of experience in the Recruitment and Personal leasing Eastern Europe and an extensive network of specialists from abroad. We use this network for different industries and can therefore successfully receive personnel inquiries from the areas Industry, Montage, steel and metal construction, Productionmedicine and logistics with specialists and assistants. About us >>>

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The advantages of temporary work from Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a golden opportunity for recruitment. With the temporary workers from Eastern Europe As an employer, you gain more flexibility and thus expand the freedom of action in personnel management. The temporary workers from Poland and Eastern Europe are employed by us with regular employment contracts and the statutory pensions, social benefits, etc. are paid through us. 

More and more German companies employ workers on the basis of the so-called "Temporary work' or 'temporary work'. Above all, the entrepreneur wants to be able to absorb production peaks, seasonal and cyclical order fluctuations with employees from abroad. Here, a temporary worker in Eastern Europe fulfills a buffer function. Temporary jobs are also used to fill temporarily absent positions, e.g. on maternity leave, sabbaticals. Also for cost reasons, many companies outsource personnel recruitment activities and thus save themselves the administrative effort and recruitment process. Find out more about the opportunities and risks of personnel leasing in Eastern Europe. More about us >>>

Save money and time with temporary work

With temporary workers from Eastern Europe, companies can save money because they have low social security contributions. We take care of recruitment and personnel recruiting.

Complete processing of personnel leasing

We handle contract design, salary payments and travel expenses for you as well as the accommodation of temporary workers from Eastern Europe.

Large pool of skilled workers

We have a large pool of temporary workers from Eastern Europe: welders, locksmiths, electricians, fitters, production helpers who can be deployed flexibly at short notice.

With us as a personnel service provider for temporary work and subcontractors in Eastern Europe

Employee leasing and subcontractors out of Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia and Eastern Europe are an alternative to support your business. When it comes to the subject staff from Eastern Europe, you can benefit from our experience and motivated and experienced craftsmen such as temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland and all of Eastern Europe. We offer you specialists from abroad for industry and trade. Our company also brokers Europe-wide subcontractors and freelancers from Eastern Europe. We are your interface between contractor and client.

Our temporary workers from abroad: Building Electrician, mechatronics, locksmiths and Qelders speak German and can read plans or drawings, have a lot of experience in the Assembly or installation of photovoltaic systems. Metal workers, installers, assemblers from the Baltikum. and its countries like Lithuania or Latvia are well known by our international customers for their diligence and care and precision.

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