Temporary work & subcontractors for the logistics sector

Are you looking for competent and experienced labour, subcontractors or temporary workers for the logistics industry? We from  Zeitarbeit International have been working for over 20 years with Temporary employment agency and Contracts for work and labour specialises in logistics. We place personnel from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia as well as Ukraine for logistics from the central warehouse to the harbour. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can provide you with professional support and quickly cover your personnel requirements for logistics. 

Whether you are looking for subcontractor teams or individual Logistics temporary workers for a specific period of time - thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, we can react quickly to your personnel requirements. To ensure that the co-operation runs smoothly, we make our dispatcher available to you as a personal contact. In addition, we personally support our logisticians from Eastern Europe on site in familiarising them with your company and answering any other questions you may have.

Do you need temporary logistics workers or subcontractors? Zeitarbeit International is specialised in professional temporary employment in logistics and Recruitment and Contracts for work and labour here for you! Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

Logistics personnel from Eastern Europe

We specialise in warehousing and order picking. Our logistics personnel can be deployed in various sectors: food industry, air freight, sea freight, automotive, logistics in harbours, etc. Our customers also include logistics and transport service providers, manufacturers and suppliers from industry, contract logistics companies, wholesalers and retailers, mail order companies and e-commerce retailers. 

No matter what you need order pickers, forklift drivers, crane operators or lorry drivers for - we at Zeitarbeit International are at your side with our logistics personnel from Eastern Europe! We will find qualified and hard-working logistics staff for you, whether in Temporary Work or on Work contract Basis. 

We are your logistics personnel service provider

We at Zeitarbeit International want to be your partner for temporary employment and personnel management in logistics. With our competent personnel solutions in the form of work contracts or temporary employment for the logistics sector.
Due to the ever-increasing shortage of skilled labour in the logistics sector, staff shortages are becoming ever greater. We would like to be at your side as a long-term partner in the event of such staff shortages.
With our many years of experience as a recruitment agency for Eastern Europe, we have built up a large pool of experienced labour from Poland, the Baltic States, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and other Eastern EU countries. Our trained logistics employees, whether on a temporary or contract basis, are particularly suitable as commercial warehouse and transport staff. Our logistics workers from Eastern Europe speak German and can be on site within 7 days. 

Our services in the logistics sector

Recruitment Eastern Europe

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We are experienced recruiters in Eastern Europe. We provide qualified specialists, Craftsmen from Poland, assistants from Czech Republic, Temporary workers from Croatia, Bulgaria, HungaryUkraine for logistics, industry and assembly, steel construction, plant engineering, Automotive, Welding technology, Electrical engineeringProduction logistics etc.