Temporary workers and subcontractors from Croatia

Industry, trade, metal construction, production & automotive

Are you looking for Croatian craftsmen or personnel for industry? Production, logistics, Steel and metal construction or Automobile construction from Croatia? Us, Zeitarbeit International, convey subcontractors and Temporary workers from Croatia, hard-working production assistants and manufacturing employees, welders, fitters, plumbers, electricians from Croatia or Eastern Europe. Because as an experienced personnel service provider Eastern Europe, we have specialised in the placement of qualified German-speaking subcontractors and temporary workers from Croatia. We place temporary workers from Croatia and Eastern Europe for almost all industries: Industry, Automotive industrySteel and metal construction, Industrial assembly and plant construction, Production & Logistics come to the work site with their own tools and machines.

We are your reliable personnel service provider when it comes to employee leasing or work contracts from Croatia or Eastern Europe. Are you looking for reliable personnel from Croatia? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you! Our Croatian temporary workers speak German. They are available quickly and can be deployed flexibly. We take care of the entire process: organisation, administration, work permits, authorisation, accommodation, catering, travel.

Temporary workers from Croatia - we place from all industries

We place qualified skilled and unskilled workers, craftsmen, steel constructors, production assistants, manufacturing employees from Croatia and Eastern Europe, welders, locksmiths, electricians, construction workers from Croatia, production workers, assembly line workers, packing assistants, warehouse assistants, shipping employees, bricklayers, painters, plasterers, workers from the following industries:

Automotive industry

Automobile production, car maintenance, vehicle cleaning, assembly of parts and assemblies, packaging and warehousing, etc.

Industrial assembly

Structural steel construction, car park construction, plant construction, bridge construction, crane runway renovation, disassembly and reassembly of complete systems, maintenance and conversion, assembly

Metal construction & steel construction

Planning of steel constructions, static calculation, production, three-dimensional CAD construction, delivery, assembly

Production & Logistics

Production & Logistics

Welders and locksmiths

Aluminum welding, inert gas welding, plasma welding, arc welding, orbital welding

Electrical engineering

Lighting technology, industrial installations, automation technology, maintenance and repair of electrical systems

Free movement of workers for Croatia

As of 1 July 2015, the Free Movement of Workers Act applies in Croatia, according to which all nationals of EU member states have the right to freely choose their workplace within the EU. This means that all those working in Germany working Croatian citizens none Work permit need more. In addition, Croatian companies can send their workers to Germany. This makes cooperation between companies from different EU countries much easier. Since then, many Croatian guarantors have been working in Germany and other EU countries.

We, Zeitarbeit International, we specialise in the placement of Croatian temporary workers and subcontractors from Croatia and other EU countries, such as Romania, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, etc. and take care of the Temporary employment agency to Croatia, subcontractor and Recruitment as well as Employee posting of Croatian workers to Germany. In this way, we help German companies to eliminate the shortage of skilled workers. Workers from Croatia and other Eastern European countries are increasingly in demand because Germany does not have enough skilled workers of its own. 

Temporary employment and agency work in Croatia

Temporary employment Croatia, also called agency work or temporary work, is a contractual employment relationship between the temporary employment agency and the Croatian worker, in which the temporary employment agency as employer assigns the worker to another employer (e.g. a company abroad) to perform temporary work. This is a service provided for remuneration, in which the worker remains in the service of the enterprise providing the service. The employment contract specifies the type of employment and the salary.

The temporary employment agency settles and pays the wage, registers the worker with the competent authorities, pays all taxes and contributions, etc. based on the user's pay slip. Wages and working conditions may not be lower or more disadvantageous for the temporary workers than the working conditions of the workers employed by the user.

Subcontractors from Croatia

Are you looking for skilled or unskilled workers from Eastern Europe? As an experienced personnel service provider of Subcontractors we are there to support you. We find the best subcontractor teams from Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, who individually fit your requirements and needs. Because we believe: your projects deserve the best workers. Our subcontractor teams are well equipped, speak German and are checked by us in advance. The placement is free of charge for the client.

Our subcontractors from Croatia and Eastern Europe are used to being at any location in Europe within a short time. To save you time and effort, we take care of the entire process: organisational and administrative tasks, including the necessary forms and permits. We know the bureaucratic peculiarities of other countries from our many years of experience in subcontractor placement. Contact us and become our partner!

This is how the recruitment process works:

Mitarbeiter aus Osteuropa

Recruitment Eastern Europe

Our staffing services

We are an experienced recruitment agency for Eastern Europe. We place qualified skilled personnel as well as unskilled workers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine for industry, assembly, steel construction, plant engineering, production logistics etc. 

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