Skilled & unskilled workers from Romania and Eastern Europe

Personnel for industry, craft, metal construction, production & automotive etc.

You are looking for qualified professionals from Romania for Industry, steel and metal construction, Automobile construction or hardworking assistants for Production, logistics or transport? We, Zeitarbeit International, we cover the shortage of skilled workers in Romania and Eastern Europe with our recruitment services. Because we mediate subcontractors and temporary workers from Romania, hardworking Production helper and production staff, Qelders, LocksmithInstaller, Electrician from Romania, Poland, Croatiaas well as from the other EU countries. 

Egal ob  Temporary employment agency or Work contracts ,- we are here to help you with advice. Are you looking for reliable staff from Romania? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you! Our Romanian temporary workers speak German. They are available quickly and can be deployed flexibly. We take care of the entire process: organisation, administration, work permits, authorisation, accommodation, catering, travel.

Personnel from Romania - we place from all industries

Thanks in particular to our recruitment services from Romania, we are able to successfully cover the increasing shortage of skilled workers among our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We place qualified workers from Romania, skilled and unskilled workers, craftsmen, steel constructors, production assistants, manufacturing employees from Croatia and Eastern Europe, welders, fitters, electricians, construction workers from Croatia, production workers, assembly line workers, qualified Electrician, GWH installers, locksmiths, welders, mechanics, carpenters, painters and roofers from Poland as well as workers from the following industries:

Automotive industry

Automobile production, car maintenance, vehicle cleaning, assembly of parts and assemblies, packaging and warehousing, etc.

Industrial assembly

Structural steel construction, car park construction, plant construction, bridge construction, crane runway renovation, disassembly and reassembly of complete systems, maintenance and conversion, assembly

Metal construction & steel construction

Planning of steel constructions, static calculation, production, three-dimensional CAD construction, delivery, assembly

Production & Logistics

Production & Logistics

Welders and locksmiths

Aluminum welding, inert gas welding, plasma welding, arc welding, orbital welding

Electrical engineering

Lighting technology, industrial installations, automation technology, maintenance and repair of electrical systems

Romanian labour placement - uncomplicated and secure!

Romanian workers wanted? Finding Romanian workers is not always easy. Thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, you can benefit from our recruitment services from Romania. Because we provide you with qualified workers from Romania at top conditions.

Under the law on the free movement of workers, all nationals of EU Member States are free to choose their place of work within the EU. This means that all nationals of Germany working Romanian citizens none Work permit need more. In addition, Romanian workers can send their workers to Germany. This makes cooperation between companies from different EU countries much easier. Since then, many Romanian skilled and unskilled workers have been working in Germany and other EU countries.

With Temporary Work International as a personnel service provider

We, Zeitarbeit International, have specialised in the placement of Croatian temporary workers and subcontractors from Romania and other EU countries, such as Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary etc. and take care of the Temporary employment agency , subcontractors- and Recruitment as well as Employee posting of Romanian workers to Germany. In this way, we help German companies to eliminate the shortage of skilled workers. 

We support you in all questions concerning the placement of Romanian workers for industry, automotive engineering, production logistics, electrical engineering and other sectors. Industry. Whether you need craftsmen, production assistants, industrial fitters, electricians, production workers, bricklayers, painters, welders, roofers, metal workers, locksmiths, forklift drivers or personnel from other sectors, we can provide you with skilled personnel and assistants from Romania from every sector. Our personnel experts successfully place workers from Romania with German and Austrian companies on a daily basis. We offer you employees from Romania as temporary workers or subcontractors, who also optimally fit your company. Of course, we take care of the complete organisation and processing for you! We conduct interviews and complex selection procedures. We also take care of the communication as well as the transport of the employees from Romania to the place of work. As soon as the workers from Romania have arrived at your company, we support you in integrating the workers on site and ensure smooth processes and easy communication.

Romanian Temporary Workers

Temporary employees are very important for German companies nowadays. We have Romanian temporary workers ready for this. From the Temporary employment agency from Romania to work contracts or service contracts, - we offer you services around personnel recruitment from Eastern Europe. Many companies are thus no longer dependent on local workers, but can make targeted and supportive use of personnel service providers for workers from Eastern Europe. In this way, temporary workers from Romania can appear for a limited period of time and according to need. Whether one or several, like a whole team, we are well prepared. 

Temporary employment Romania sends qualified and experienced workers to the project. They work on a project-by-project basis. It offers them room for manoeuvre and flexibility in terms of time. You as the client do not have to worry about anything. We take care of the formalities, the bureaucracy and the paperwork for you. Contact us and become our partner!

This is how the recruitment process works:

arbeiter aus der ukraine

Recruitment Eastern Europe

Our staffing services

We are an experienced personnel service provider for staff from Eastern Europe. We place qualified skilled personnel as well as unskilled workers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, the Ukraine for industry, assembly, steel construction, plant construction, production logistics etc. 

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