Save money and time

With temporary work from Eastern Europe, companies can save money and successfully implement the orders. We take over personnel leasing and contract processing.

Flexibility and risk management

Temporary work Eastern Europe offers flexibility in personnel planning according to needs as well as risk minimization through cooperation with temporary work agencies in Eastern Europe.

Large pool of temporary workers

We have a large pool of temporary workers from Eastern Europe: welders, locksmiths, electricians, fitters, production helpers who can be deployed flexibly at short notice.

We provide qualified temporary staff from Eastern Europe

Are you looking for temporary workers from Eastern Europe ? We provide trained cheap temporary workers from abroad: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary as well as Ukraine. You will find temporary staff from Eastern Europe from almost all sectors: Industry, Production,manufacturing, warehouse logistics, logistics, Machine relocation, Industrial services, plant construction. Thanks to our contacts with temporary employment agencies throughout Eastern Europe, we can provide you with the temporary workers you need from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary or other EU countries quickly, legally and easily. More services >>>

Why temporary workers from Eastern Europe?

Temporary work, temporary work or Temporary employment agency called, denotes a relationship between the employer (lender), the employee (temporary employee) and the company in which an employee works (temporary work agency). 

More and more companies in Germany are looking for temporary workers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and other Eastern European countries. Especially when companies need short-term qualified staff from Eastern Europe and want to save costs at the same time - they use temporary work in Eastern Europe. Temporary work brings numerous advantages and opportunities to both temporary workers and companies. 

Polish, Slovak or Hungarian temporary workers and in general temporary workers from Eastern Europe are punctual, hardworking and reliable when it comes to work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And there are many reasons for that. Employees often earn less salary in their countries and don't get any supplements. These people also have dreams and goals and families in their countries. They want security and a solid income.

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Employee leasing contract - prerequisite for temporary work

Employee leasing contracts are an important part of the working order in companies. They represent a legally regulated agreement between the employer and the temporary worker and thus create a framework for successful cooperation. What do employers have to pay attention to in order to clearly define rights and obligations? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such contracts for both sides? Find out here >>>


Employee leasing with us as a temporary employment agency

We hire out staff from almost every industry, skilled workers from Eastern Europe and simple helpers. Temporary Work from Eastern Europa is becoming increasingly important in Germany. There are several temporary employment agencies in Germany that lend staff on a temporary basis. We, Zeitarbeit International, offer quick help in case of staff bottlenecks in order to cope with acute order peaks. Project-related, we offer you qualified specialists and hard-working assistants on temporary employment. With Personal leasing from Eastern Europe you gain flexibility and expand your scope for action in recruitment. 

We recruit temporary workers PolandCzech RepublicSlovakiaHungaryCroatia as well as cheap temporary workers from Lithuania and Latvia and other countries in Eastern Europe to meet your temporary needs for skilled and unskilled workers for industry, installation, plant engineering, steel construction or Production and logistics. Our experienced LElectrician for hire, Locksmith, Qelders, metal worker, industrial fitter speak german and can be at the place of work within 7 days. 

With temporary work in Eastern Europe - save costs and maximize profit!

Find out more about the opportunities and risks of personnel leasing in Eastern Europe. Read more here >>>

Mitarbeiter aus Osteuropa

We place temporary workers from almost all sectors

Solar technology

Photovoltaic specialist companies, solar technicians, photovoltaic electricians, fitters, installers


Production assistants in the automotive industry, production workers, quality inspectors, car mechanics

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Other staffing services

As an experienced personnel service provider in Eastern Europe, we place specialists and assistants from the Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, the Ukraine and offer the following personal services: 

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