Electrical installations with personnel from Eastern Europe

Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, many companies are looking for electricians, too temporary workers or subcontractors Electricians from Eastern Europe are often used. As more experienced Personnel service provider Eastern Europe we mediate Zeitarbeit International, for over 20 years subcontractors and temporary workers for the electrical industry. Our electricians, electricians, cable technicians from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic or Croatia have already gained experience on the German labor market as temporary workers in electrical assembly and can be ready for action on site in 7 days.

Are you looking for craftsmen for electrical installations or electrical assembly? We have specialized in personnel placement in the electrical industry and will provide you with suitable specialists within a short time, punctually at the start of the project.

Our electrical engineering services

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Personalvermittlung Elektroindustrie

Electrician for electrical installation

We are also professionally positioned in the field of electrical engineering. Our temporary workers and subcontractors Electrician from Eastern Europe know about the high demands on electrical engineering when building a new plant or expanding an existing one. With the necessary experience and expertise, our skilled electricians install the machines and systems of our customers from a wide range of industrial sectors in Germany and Europe.

Subcontractors and temporary workers - your advantages

Are you looking for self-employed electricians? Electrician or a small electrical company from Eastern Europe for your project? Find subcontractors and temporary workers with us for large and small industrial projects. We place temporary workers, electricians and electrical engineers from Eastern Europe.

Next to the Recruitment from Eastern Europe in the electrical industry, we provide reliable personnel from almost all sectors: Automotive, Industrial assembly and plant construction, Welding technology, Steel/metal construction fitter, production workers and workers. 

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