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For many companies, relocating production is an important step in developing further and taking advantage of new opportunities. The possibility of relocating abroad is often considered. German companies have the advantage that they are highly valued internationally due to their expertise and quality. But before the actual relocation takes place, thorough planning is of great importance. Careful selection of the appropriate location as well as the smooth transport and assembly of the machines are crucial for the success of the move. Both financial aspects and interim management should be taken into account. Good communication with employees is also essential in order to involve them in the change process. During the moving process, potential problems should be identified and resolved early to ensure a smooth process

Relocating operations is an enormous challenge

A relocation of operations requires a lot of logistical and technical effort and can quickly become impossible to keep track of. To ensure that your relocation is successful, the help of external experts is an enormous advantage for a complete or even partial relocation. In order to avoid coordination problems between several companies, an experienced service provider who can offer the most comprehensive range of services such as planning, transport and machine installation is always preferable. We at Zeitarbeit International offer a complete package from planning the relocation to making all machines operational at the new location. For more than 25 years, we have been traveling around the world for customers from all industries to carry out plant relocations and machine moves.

Our industrial services - from planning to commissioning

Our service is made up of modularized service modules. You can book our complete service from planning to commissioning and service - or put together individual modules into an individual package according to your needs.

1. Planning

Installation, assembly or machine relocation requires detailed planning. We advise you in all project phases: we develop project planning and process planning in close cooperation with you. We coordinate the move of the existing systems, including the associated equipment, taking into account all current safety requirements.

2. Dismantling

When moving machines and relocating production, the process begins with professional dismantling at the old location. Dismantling not only includes dismantling the system, including all components, and professionally disconnecting the media supply, but also conscientious labeling and documentation, technical cleaning and careful packaging of each individual part. We prepare everything for safe transport and later reconstruction.

3. Transport & Logistics

When it comes to machine relocations and company relocations, part of our service is moving parts of all sizes. Whether by heavy goods transport or rail vehicle, by plane or by ship: Our experts know the fastest, cheapest and best route and will ensure smooth transport to your desired destination. the complete coordination of logistics, planning and monitoring of the transport.

4. Unloading and loading

We unload your machine at its destination using the right lifting technology so that we can position it exactly according to the specified hall layout. Our lifting frames are often the first choice for safe movement and precise positioning. If the installation height is limited, we also use the advantages of air film technology. Our lifting frames, cranes, delivery technologies and transport vehicles correspond to the latest technology available on the market.

5. Fine assembly

After unloading, inserting and positioning the machine parts, comes the precise alignment of the parts and the fine mechanical assembly. Our specialists then carry out the electrical and pneumatic reassembly. They bring all the connections together precisely, complete the machine internally and connect it to all the necessary supply lines.

6. Installation of electronics & commissioning

Before commissioning, electrical and electronic installations and subsequent I/O checks are carried out. At the end of machine moves or new assembly, we ensure that the machine is ready for operation or production. We are your partner for the entire life cycle of technical systems – even beyond commissioning. To ensure a smooth production process and system availability, we also support you with maintenance.
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The importance of successful machine moves when relocating production

A successful production relocation depends largely on a smooth machine move. It doesn't matter whether the relocation takes place abroad or within Germany. Proper planning and preparation are crucial to the success of the move. An experienced service provider for production relocations can provide support and give valuable tips. Selecting the appropriate location is another important factor that should be considered when making the decision. Important aspects such as infrastructure, availability of skilled workers and financial benefits must be carefully considered. The transport and assembly of the machines require efficient execution in order to avoid unnecessary costs and time delays. Communication with employees is also very important in order to successfully involve them in the change process. During the moving process, possible problems should be identified early in order to be able to react quickly. Challenges may arise, but with proper management they can be overcome. A successful relocation of production brings many advantages for the company and is an important transformation in company development.

Advantages of relocating production

For many companies it is Qutsourcing a welcome opportunity to save costs by working with an external service provider and to focus fully on your core business. But there are downsides to outsourcing that also need to be considered. 

Cost savings

One of the most obvious benefits of relocating production is reducing production costs. By relocating production to countries with lower labor costs and more favorable operating conditions, companies can significantly reduce their overall costs.

Access to affordable resources

Relocating production enables companies to benefit from favourable raw materials, energy sources and other resources in other countries. This can further increase the profitability of production.

Improved efficiency and productivity

In some cases, foreign production sites may have more modern facilities, more efficient processes or specialized professionals, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Proximity to market

By setting up production facilities in or near key sales markets, companies can shorten delivery times, reduce transportation costs and respond more flexibly to customer requests.

Risk diversification

Diversifying production locations across different countries and regions can reduce the risk of production disruptions due to natural disasters, political instability or other external factors.

Regulatory benefits:

In some cases, companies can gain regulatory advantages by moving production to countries with less stringent environmental or labor laws. This can lead to lower compliance costs.

Temporary Work International - your partner for company moves and production relocations

Do you want to relocate a project, a service or an entire company to Eastern Europe, Europe or the USA? Then you need a right partner who can assess the opportunities and risks well and support you in outsourcing production processes. 

We at Zeitarbeit International see ourselves as a full-service provider and accompany companies through the entire process of relocating production . We take care of machine moves, company relocations and are available to help you with any questions you may have

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