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Welcome to Zeitarbeit International, personnel service provider for industrial services — your reliable partner for planning, Industrial assembly, system electronics and machine relocations. IIndustrial services are an important part of the economy. They cover the areas Production, logistics, warehousing and facility management. Without them companies could not function. Industrial services support companies in the provision of products and services. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, many companies work with skilled workers Poland, temporary workers Czech Republic, the Slovakia and Hungary. These countries have a strong pool of qualified personnel who offer expertise and experience in the field of industrial services.

Industrial services with temporary work internationally

Our company Zeitarbeit International has worked in the industry for many years and has specialized in the areas of planning, Industrial assembly, system electronics and machine relocations specialized. We offer our customers a wide range of services and always strive to find individual solutions for our customers.

We mediate temporary workers as well as subcontractors Teams from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Eastern Europe. Our subcontractor teams consist of experienced fitters who will assist you with the installation of your system. We take over the complete installation of your system – from pre-assembly to commissioning. We always work in a goal-oriented manner and guarantee the highest quality in all work steps. 

Also in the field of System electronics we are your reliable partner. We take care of the electrical wiring of your system and the programming of controls and visualization. Our employees have extensive specialist knowledge and thus guarantee a smooth integration of all components.  In addition to our services in the field of planning and assembly, we also offer professional machine relocations at. Whether within a factory or to a new location - we take over the complete relocation of your machines and ensure that they are ready for use again as quickly as possible.

Your goal is to always offer our customers the highest quality and reliability. We attach great importance to transparent and open communication and close cooperation with our customers. Convince yourself of our range of services and feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to meet you!

Industrial services from experienced experts

Planning of industrial plants

The planning of industrial plants is one of our core competencies. We support our customers in the conceptual design of systems and ensure that all processes are optimally coordinated. We attach great importance to efficient working methods and use the latest technologies.

For this purpose, we prepare risk assessments, evidence of tests on machines and ensure all occupational safety regulations in advance. Our experienced industrial fitters from Poland and Eastern Europe ensure compliance with fire protection measures and the associated documentation as well as permits for road closures, parking spaces for lifting and transport vehicles and working hours that require approval.

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arbeitskräfte aus osteuropa finden

Dismantling of plants

Another industrial service that we offer is the dismantling of complete plants and machines. Our teams of experienced fitters from Poland and Eastern Europe are at your side to install your system. Our subcontractor teams take over the complete Industrial assembly of your system – from pre-assembly to commissioning. This is where ours work skilled workers from abroad always goal-oriented and guarantee the highest quality in all work steps.

Our workers from Eastern Europe take over your machines and systems, dismantle, preserve and pack them professionally and transport them to their destination. There we unload and bring in the system parts professionally and properly. 

Unloading of machinen

Our industry experts unload your machine at its destination using the right lifting technology in order to be able to position it exactly according to the specified hall layout. Ours are for safe moving and precise positioning workers from Eastern Europe very experienced and competent. If the contribution height is limited, we also use the advantages of air film technology. This is how we reliably unload machines, even when space is tight and even during ongoing production.

Subunternehmer Vermittlung

Industrial assembly - fine assembly

After the unloading, bringing in and positioning of the machine parts and systems comes the mechanical fine assembly. Our specialists from Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia also take care of this industrial service. They carry out the electrical and pneumatic reassembly. All connections are brought together precisely and all necessary supply lines are connected.

In all of these work steps, we use our subcontractor teams most modern measuring methods. The machine axes are leveled and aligned according to the manufacturer's technical specifications. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a successful commissioning and a timely start of production.

System electronics

We are also your reliable partner in the field of system electronics. We take care of the electrical wiring of your system and the programming of controls and visualization. Our employees have extensive specialist knowledge and thus guarantee a smooth integration of all components.

 Our engineers from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic speak German and are available to advise you on all questions relating to the hardware of the control systems and the programming of the software. We support our customers on the way to Industry 4.0 with solutions for digitization and networking of production systems.

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Transport & Logistics

At machine transports and machine relocation is part of our service moving parts of all sizes. Whether by heavy-duty transport or rail vehicle, by plane or by ship: Our specialists from Eastern Europe know the fastest, cheapest and best way and take care of a smooth transport to your desired destination.

Temporary work international ensures the complete coordination of the logistics, planning and monitoring of the transport with the specialists from abroad. Just like loading and unloading as well as storage of the transport goods remain in our professional hands. 

Benefits of working with us:

Save money and time with temporary work

With subcontractors from Eastern Europe, companies can save money and successfully implement the orders. We take care of recruitment and contract processing.

Complete personnel processing

We handle the contract design, salary payments and travel expenses for you as well as the accommodation of the subcontractors from Eastern Europe.

Large pool of skilled workers

We have a large pool of subcontractors from Eastern Europe: welders, locksmiths, electricians, fitters, production helpers who can be deployed flexibly at short notice.

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Our staffing services

As an experienced personnel service provider for Eastern Europe, we place skilled and unskilled workers from other EU countries and Eastern Europe( Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, the Ukraine) and offer the following services:

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