08 Nov 2022

What is staff leasing?

Personnel leasing is another word for Temporary WorkTemporary work . A company that wants to fill vacancies at short notice borrows money from a Temporary employmentirma employees with the necessary qualifications. This relationship between three parties is characterised by the fact that the customer company pays a monthly fee to the Temporary employment agency which in turn pays the temporary worker's salary. There is a normal employment contract between the temporary employment agency and the employee. This means that the temporary employment agency takes care of all legal issues in addition to paying the salary. However, the company hiring the employee has the right to issue instructions to the employee.

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Origin of personnel leasing

Staff leasing was originally primarily intended to compensate for temporary absences, for example during holiday months or in the event of illness, with flexible personnel. However, due to the shortage of skilled labour in Germany, more and more positions are going unfilled. This is why the International Temporary Work has become a popular form of recruitment. Many German companies work with personnel from Eastern Europe. In countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, RomaniaThere are many highly qualified skilled workers and hard-working helpers in Croatia who have been working in Germany for many years. They come via temporary employment agencies abroad and return home to their families once the project has been successfully completed.

Temporary work advantages

Temporary work has many advantages. The biggest advantage of personnel leasing is its flexibility. This means that labour can also be procured at short notice. There is also security for the employee, as they are paid even if they are not deployed by the client company during the temporary employment period.

The legal basis is the temporary employment contract, in which all agreements between the temporary employment agency and the hirer relating to temporary work are recorded.

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