02 Feb 2023

Temporary employment contract: Everything you need to know!

Temporary employment contracts are an important part of the working arrangements in companies. They represent a legally regulated agreement between the employer and the temporary worker and thus create a framework for successful cooperation. What must employers pay attention to in order to clearly delineate rights and obligations? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such contracts for both sides? In the following, we devote ourselves to this exciting topic!

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Employee leasing contract - definition

An employee leasing contract is a way for companies to meet their labour needs without having to hire them directly. This contract is often used when hiring temporary workers or in the use of Workers from Eastern Europe applied.

The employer enters into an agreement with an agency for labour supply (AFU), which specifies the type of employment they require. Then the AFU provides the suitable workers with contracts that regulate all the details of the employment relationship. Furthermore, the worker signs the contract and the AFU then takes responsibility for wages and other aspects of the employment relationship.

Advantages of the employee leasing contract

The temporary work contract has many advantages for companies as well as for the temporary workers themselves. It enables Company, to complete short-term projects and save costs at the same time. 

For temporary workers it means a more flexible employment option than direct hiring and gives them the opportunity to try out different tasks and gain more experience in the field.

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Surrender contract Prerequisites

However, when concluding the contract, employers must ensure that they comply with the rules of the temporary employment contract and that they have all the necessary. Permits have in order to conclude this type of employment. In addition, both sides must respect certain rights, such as the temporary worker's right to a decent wages or protection against discrimination in the workplace. If this is not the case, there can be serious consequences for both sides.

It is therefore important that companies understand how the employee leasing contract works and what they need to look out for in order to avoid legal problems. With a solid understanding of the contract, companies can make more efficient use of both agency workers and their corporate network while meeting their legal obligations.

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