15 Jan 2023

Employ temporary workers from Eastern Europe

Temporary work from Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Many companies opt for temporary workers from Eastern Europe to save costs and increase production. However, this decision can have both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Temporary Work Eastern Europe

One of the biggest advantages of hiring temporary workers from Eastern Europe is the Savings in personnel costs. As temporary workers from abroad usually receive lower wages and social security contributions, German companies can save a lot of money. It is also a good option when a company needs to find needed skills or experience quickly, as it is easy to recruit qualified workers from Eastern Europe.

Disadvantages of Temporary Work Eastern Europe

However, there are also some disadvantages to hiring temporary workers from Eastern Europe. For example, there is a risk that temporary workers from abroad do not follow the same standards as permanent employees. Therefore, it can be difficult to Quality of work monitor and ensure that all policies are adhered to. In addition, there are often Language barriers and Lack of knowledge of local laws and regulations,which often leads to problems. So it is important that companies weigh up all the pros and cons before deciding to hire an agency worker from Eastern Europe and make sure that all working conditions are fair. If companies take the right precautions, recruiting agency workers from Eastern Europe can be a good option and mutually beneficial.

How many temporary workers work in Germany?

The Temporary work has been a growing and highly profitable market for years. In the meantime, more than 400,000 temporary workers are employed in Germany every year, and the trend is rising. Most of them come from Eastern European countries, mainly from Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania. Temporary workers from Eastern Europe often have little or no social security and often work under poor conditions. They are not entitled to Christmas or holiday pay and their working hours are often insecure and unregulated. Many foreign agency workers also have to do other jobs as a source of extra income for the company they work for.

The Future of Temporary Workers in Germany

Temporary work is a very controversial issue in Germany. Many people see temporary workers from Eastern Europe as competitors on the labour market and fear for their own security and jobs. Other people, however, also see in the temporary workers the chance for a fresh start or the opportunity to make a name for themselves in Germany.

Temporary work originates from Japan, where it has long been considered a successful model. In Japan, temporary work is mainly used by small and medium-sized enterprises to use capacities flexibly and to recruit workers who are normally not so easy to find. In Germany, on the other hand, temporary work is mainly popular with large companies, which can use their capacities more flexibly on certain days or in certain areas. 

However, due to the increasing demand for temporary workers from Eastern Europe, the issue is becoming more and more political and there is increasing criticism of the way these workers are treated here. Many people fear that working with Eastern European companies could lead to a reduction in labour and social standards. There are also repeated reports about unfair contract conditions and unjust treatment of the workers. But in the future there will be more and more temporary workers from Eastern Europe in Germany. Because they are a valuable resource for German companies. They are highly qualified, motivated and willing to adapt to a new environment. These factors make them an attractive choice for those looking for high-performing employees.

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