23 Jan 2023

A new world of work thanks to temporary work from Eastern Europe: successes and challenges

Are there advantages when companies rely on Temporary Work from Eastern Europe? How can companies benefit from using temporary workers from Eastern Europe and what should they consider? Read our article to learn how to create a win-win situation for companies and temporary workers. In this article you will learn how to handle temporary work from Eastern Europe professionally and in full legal compliance. The possibilities are endless: you can adapt the work as needed without having to pay oversized personnel costs - so it's something for everyone! Let's find out together what opportunities the topic of "temporary work from Eastern Europe" offers for your company!

Temporary work from Eastern Europe as an opportunity for companies?

Temporary work is essential in many industries and sectors, especially in Germany. But where do the workers come from? Workers from the EU and Eastern Europe are an interesting option. It is well known that many companies already make successful use of Eastern European workers. But what are the advantages of this form of solution?

Advantages of personnel leasing from Eastern Europe

Firstly, personnel leasing or temporary work from Eastern Europe is a practical solution to have a qualified pool of workers when you need them. Many companies can only solve the shortage of skilled workers through temporary work. Short-term and flexibly adapted to the company's needs - that is what makes temporary work from Eastern Europe so special.

Secondly, Eastern European temporary workers offer German companies a low-cost option compared to permanent employment. Since most Eastern European workers do not live in Germany, their salaries are often lower than those of nationals. This means that companies can save money by temporarily employing workers from Eastern Europe as temporary workers - without having to compromise on the quality of the work.

Thirdly, temporary work from Eastern Europe offers an enormous advantage in terms of time and cost savings for companies. Bureaucracy is significantly reduced as there are no immigration formalities and no visa is required. All necessary documents can be sent by e-mail and new employees can be hired within a very short time.


Temporary work from Eastern Europe - risks

It is important to note that temporary work can also be associated with risks - especially when it comes to handling personal data and complying with all applicable laws and regulations around employment relationships. It is therefore highly advisable to work with a professional staffing service provider or temporary employment agency to ensure that all steps are handled properly and that workers' rights are respected.

All in all, temporary work from Eastern Europe offers many advantages for companies of all sizes: speed, cost savings and access to qualified staff from Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe - without the risk of mistakes or failure in dealing with the law. Although there are risks, success stories of companies that have successfully applied this form of solution should be considered - especially as an alternative to more expensive recruitment options or the shortage of skilled workers.

Find temporary workers from Eastern Europe - with us as your personnel service provider.

The Temporary Work from Eastern Europe is an important source of flexible and low-cost labour in Germany. Through the Temporary employment agency companies can adjust their staffing ratios and concentrate on their core business. In addition, temporary work offers a good opportunity for Eastern European workers to integrate into the German economy and gain professional experience.

Temporary work Eastern Europe can be a valuable tool to reduce unemployment and help small and medium-sized enterprises to realise their full potential.

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