20 Jul 2023

Skilled workers from Turkey for industry & crafts

Professionals from Turkey are highly skilled workers who possess specialized knowledge, skills and education in various professional fields. Turkey has a rich and diverse educational tradition that produces graduates in various technical, scientific, medical, economic, craft, industrial and social fields.

In recent years, many professionals from Turkey have become active abroad, including countries in the European Union, North America and the Middle East. They contribute to the economy and society of their host countries in various industries.

Turkish workers play a significant role in various industries, both in Turkey and in other countries where Turkish labor is in demand. The Turkish labor force is known for its dedication, skills and flexibility, which makes them sought-after workers in the industry.

Turkish workers in industry

In Turkey itself, Turkish workers are employed in a variety of industries, including:

  1. Automotive Industry: Turkey is a major manufacturing base for automakers, and Turkish workers are employed in factories that produce vehicles and their components. Skilled workers from Turkey are employed as production workers,assembly assistants,automotive mechatronics technician, experienced project management Europe-wide, forklift driver for the automotive industry. Read more>

  2. Textile Industry: The textile industry is also of great importance in Turkey, and Turkish workers are active in the production of textiles and clothing.

  3. Machinery: Turkish workers contribute to the production of machinery and equipment, supporting industrial production. Read more>.

  4. Construction: The construction industry is booming in Turkey, and Turkish workers are employed in various construction projects, both in Turkey and as contract workersor subcontractors abroad, such as renovation, interior design, civil engineering, road construction or bridge construction.

  5. Electronics and Electrical Industry: Turkish workers play a role in the production of electronic devices and components. As temporary workers or subcontractors, they are involved in various fields such as lighting technology, industrial installations, installation work of automation technology, maintenance and repair of electrical systems, switches and sockets, electrical work of heating systems, etc. Wread more>

  6. Production & Logistics:  will find Turkish labour for you for production, manufacturing, stock management, order picking, sequencing, empties management or internal transport. Our staff from Turkey are productive and motivated. We also provide competent personnel for the food industry, air freight, sea freight, automotive, logistics in harbours, etc. Our customers are logistics and transport service companies, manufacturers and suppliers from the industry, contract logistics companies, wholesalers and retailers, mail order companies, e-commerce dealers. 

In addition, Turkish workers have a long history of migration and working in industry in other countries as well, especially in Europe. Many Turkish workers have worked in European countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and others in recent decades to meet the demand for skilled workers in various industries.

Conditions for the employment of workers from Turkey

Attracting or recruiting professionals from Turkey or Eastern Europemay be of interest to companies or organizations in certain cases to attract qualified employees with specific skills and knowledge.

Do you want to employ workers from Turkey in Germany? There are some steps and considerations that need to be taken into account:

  1. Visa and work permits: Foreign workers need special visa and work permits in many countries. Find out about the legal requirements and make sure you apply for the necessary documents and permits in time.

  2. Language Requirements: Depending on the industry and position, language can be an important factor. Make sure applicants have sufficient language skills to work effectively in your organization.

  3. Recognition of qualifications:Check the recognition of foreign qualifications in your country to ensure that applicants have the necessary certifications and accreditations.

  4. Employment contract and salary: Once you have found the right professionals, draw up an employment contract that clearly sets out the working conditions, remuneration and other relevant details.

Zeitarbeit International - Your Personnel Service Provider

The process of recruiting foreign professionals or workers from Turkey and Eastern Europe is quite complex and varies from country to country. We at Zeitarbeit International will help you with the recruitment process. In addition, we assist you in all legal matters to ensure that all legal requirements and procedures are followed correctly.

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