09 Feb 2023

How companies can benefit from global cooperation with specialists from abroad.

Are foreign skilled workers the solution to overcoming the shortage of skilled workers in Germany? In this article you will learn how Poland and other Eastern European countries of the EU can help companies in Germany to fill vacancies. We give you insight into the advantages and disadvantages of skilled workers from abroad and advice on how best to recruit them. At the end you will have a better understanding of how professionals from abroad can support companies in Germany. 

Foreign specialists bring fresh ideas and perspectives

Germany is an immigration country. People from all over the world have been coming to Germany to live and work here for decades. Around 15 million people with a migration background are now registered in Germany. This diversity is a great strength of our country. Because skilled workers from abroad bring fresh ideas and new perspectives with them. They are important for the German economy - and for our social coexistence.

Shortage of skilled workers in Germany

More and more companies in Germany are realizing that they have an increasing shortage of qualified foreign workers. Since the number of workers in Germany is not sufficient to meet the demand, many companies are considering workers from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Eastern European countries as a possible solution. 

This development is mainly due to the impact of Poland's accession to the European Union (EU) in 2004. Since then, the number of Polish employees working in other EU countries has increased significantly. Many of these skilled workers come to Germany to find work here.

Advantages for German companies

The advantages for German companies are obvious: through the use of foreign specialists save costs and receive at the same time qualified workers with the necessary knowledge and know-how. In addition, Germany benefits from the immense diversity of culture brought to our country by this new group of employees.

Challenges when working with foreign professionals

Nevertheless, there are some challenges when employing foreign skilled workers. For example, many people have concerns about dealing with language barriers or other cultures with travelers. It is therefore important that companies do what is necessary to ensure a smooth integration of their newest employees.

Germany must be aware that without the help of Polish or Eastern European specialists it will be difficult to meet its needs for qualified personnel. Therefore, looking to the future, it seems necessary to take new measures to make working conditions more attractive for potential job seekers from Poland and other Eastern Europeans. 

ausländische fachkräfte
Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland

Recruitment of specialists from abroad

In order to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, many companies are looking for qualified employees who want to commit to the company for a limited period of time. The most popular options for companies to find professionals from abroad are the RecruitmentTemporary employment agency as well as Work contracts

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