14 Nov 2022

How much does a worker from Eastern EU countries cost?

Who after Personnel for industry and trade from Eastern Europe searches, naturally asks itself about recruitment costs. Because it is well known that one of the advantages of employing workers from Eastern European countries, whether as temporary workers or subcontractors, is cost savings. Temporary employees based on temporary work or agency work from Poland, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Ukraine and other Eastern European countries are now employed by many German companies. Temporary work has many advantages for clients.

  • Temporary workers from Eastern Europe are cheap
  • As a company, you can plan personnel on a project basis
  • Flexible increase with additional workers
  • Motivated specialists and support staff from Eastern Europe

What does a recruitment agency in Eastern Europe cost?

The recruitment agency Eastern Europe usually receives a performance-related commission from the employer. This is calculated as a percentage of the new employee's first annual salary. The usual figure is 20 to 30 per cent. Otherwise, the prices for a good recruitment agency depend on various criteria. We from Zeitarbeit InternationalWe have set ourselves the goal of supporting you as a company with recruitment. Because your success and growth depend on qualified personnel. We would like to provide you with personnel so that you can achieve your corporate goals. This includes

  • On-schedule completion of your projects
  • Successful orders
  • Profit optimisation and sales increase
  • Customer satisfaction and success

You need good personnel to achieve your goals. As an experienced personnel service provider for Eastern Europe, we support you in recruitment and personnel planning. We are at your disposal for all questions relating to recruitment in Eastern Europe.

Labour from Eastern Europe - Earnings

A worker from Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, from the Baltikum. or another Eastern European country costs you as a company no less than a German employee. The costs for the labour we provide you with as an Eastern European recruitment agency are also tied to the German minimum wage and collectively agreed wages. However, it is often the case that workers from Eastern Europe sometimes even earn more than a comparable German employee. This is because German companies are competing with each other. They want to find and retain urgently needed staff and are prepared to pay a little more for this. The labour force from Eastern Europe also has the competitive advantage of being geographically flexible.

As a recruitment agency for Eastern Europe, we can say as a guideline that an unskilled worker from Eastern Europe should earn at least 1700 gross and a skilled worker at least 2100 EUR gross. The majority of workers are also entitled to travel expenses and accommodation. For more information, we advise you to Zemporary work internationalfor you as a recruitment agency in Eastern Europe.

Eecruitment costs

The costs for personnel from Eastern Europe depend on whether you are looking for unskilled labour or well-trained specialists. For personnel or labour from Eastern Europe such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary or Ukraine, you pay a one-off fee of Auxiliary worker from 650 EUR & for a skilled worker o. Specialised personnel from Eastern Europe 950 EUR

You will only incur the costs for our Eastern European recruitment services once we have found a suitable candidate for you who meets your personnel requirements.

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Who covers the costs of the recruitment agency?

The client, i.e. the company that hires the recruitment agency, bears the costs of the placement. With us Zeitarbeit International you do not pay high commissions, but only a one-off placement fee, even if the placement of labour was successful.

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