30 Jan 2023

How high are the costs when you hire craftsmen from Poland?

You have decided to have a Craftsmen from Poland but how much do they charge for Polish tradesmen? Find out more about hourly wages, agency fees and other tradesmen costs you need to consider. Read this article and learn how to spend your money wisely on the use of Craftsmen from Poland can use! After reading, you will better understand if and what is important when hiring Polish craftsmen - with only little financial effort.

Polish craftsmen - tasks

Polish craftsmen are known for their quality and reliability. These factors, combined with the reasonable price, make them a popular choice for many people in Germany. 

A craftsman from Poland can be hired for various tasks and types of repairs. However, interested parties should bear in mind that this is an hourly wage-based contract. Therefore, interested parties must also consider the agency fees and other costs for craftsmen from Poland. The final price depends on the nature of the task and the scope of the work. Using Polish craftsmen can be a worthwhile investment, especially when it comes to saving costs. The hourly wage for Polish craftsmen is usually lower than that for German craftsmen and can be reduced considerably due to the lower wage level in Poland. In addition, most Polish craftsmen are very qualified and have a high level of expertise. 

In most cases, however, you will have to pay agency fees for hiring Polish craftsmen, which usually make up part of the total cost. However, these fees are common and necessary to get a reliable service and to ensure that you are satisfied with the work of the craftsman.

Cost savings through the use of craftsmen from Poland

Even though there are costs associated with hiring Polish craftsmen, these cost savings can be very rewarding in the long run. In addition, it is possible to check the quality of the work before deciding to proceed with the Polish craftsman. This way you can make sure that you are satisfied with the result and that there are no unexpectedly high costs. Overall, using Polish tradesmen is an attractive option for many businesses and individuals. With competitive hourly rates and qualified staff, it offers the opportunity to make cost savings while achieving high-quality results. It is therefore always worthwhile to clarify all relevant information about agency fees and hourly rates in advance to get the best possible results.

Save costs with craftsmen from Poland

In addition, personnel placement from Eastern Europe offers the advantage that companies can benefit from the favourable cost advantages of the respective country. Therefore, it is possible to find highly qualified temporary workers or subcontractors from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary or the Czech Republic at relatively lower costs than at home. It is also important to note that many of these workers have already gained experience in various industries and can therefore be integrated into the company immediately. This saves time and costs for the company and enables it to achieve success more quickly. In addition, foreign workers often speak German because they have already worked in Germany. Continue reading here why Polish temporary workers are a noteworthy investment.

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Polish craftsmen prices

Our customers are mainly medium-sized companies from the fields of industry, trade and commerce, LogisticsProduction and service. We, from Zeitarbeit International, we have an extensive network of candidates from Eastern Europe. Thanks to our close cooperation with the embassies and consulates of the respective countries, we can guarantee you the best possible quality of candidates. All candidates have several years of experience in their profession and are willing to develop their skills in Germany. 

The prices for Polish craftsmen depend on the type of work and professional qualifications. Here are the hourly rates for craftsmen from Poland. For an exact offer call us +49 24038092219 or make a Contact request

Electrician from Poland

  • Lighting technolog
  • Industrial installations
  • Maintenance, repairs
  • Switches & Sockets

20-25 €/hour

Roofers from Poland

  • Roof coverings
  • Installation of skylights
  • Conversion of attics, storeys

30-35 €/hour

Heating, sanitary

  • Badrenovierung
  • Redevelopment, modernisation
  • Heating installation and assembly
  • Pipeline construction etc.

25-30 €/hour

  • Bottler
  • Packers, sorters
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Assembly line worker

25-30 €/hour

Tiler from Poland

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Glasmosaik
  • Natural stone tiles

30-35 €/hour

  • Steel/metal construction fitter
  • Shop fitter
  • Tin lock
  • Machinist

28-32 €/hour

Are you looking for manual workers from Poland? Make a non-binding personnel enquiry and you will receive an offer from us within 24 hours.

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Since over 25 years are we, Zeitarbeit International, is active as a personnel service provider. We place personnel from Eastern Europe for trade, construction, logistics, production, industrial assembly, Machine relocationsElectrical engineeringAutomotive industryMetal and steel construction. We place qualified skilled personnel from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary etc. as well as hardworking Production helperassembly line worker, inspectors etc

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If you are looking for international professionals and do not yet know about all the countries from Eastern Europe, you should definitely not disregard the four countries mentioned. Recruiting from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Turkey is challenging, but the low costs and requirements to meet make it a good investment. We support you in recruiting international professionals. Simply contact us and benefit from our services profitieren!