16 Jan 2023

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Temporary work in industrial assembly is an interesting way to work in industry. It offers workers the chance to prove their know-how and skills in a new environment. At the same time, it gives companies access to qualified skilled workers from abroad. 

Advantages of temporary work for industrial assembly

Temporary work offers industrial companies a number of advantages when it comes to industrial assembly. For one thing, it can help them, Save costs, as they do not have to spend more on employing a permanent staff member. As they do not have to bear ongoing costs for wages, social security contributions and other labour costs, they can minimise their expenses and make more profit.

Moreover, the process of hiring a temporary worker from abroad is much faster than the process of hiring a permanent employee. As temporary workers from Poland and Eastern Europe are usually already qualified, it is not necessary to meet certain requirements. Thus, companies can save time by starting the project immediately instead of having to wait for the recruitment of a new employee.

Temporary workers can also be flexibly adapted as needed. As they have no long-term commitment, companies can increase or decrease the use of temporary foreign workers depending on the skill they need or the location of the project. This allows companies to easily respond to change in the market and make their team as flexible as possible.

Because of these advantages, you can see why temporary work is becoming more and more popular in industrial assembly. There are many reasons why companies decide to use such a solution and thus achieve cost savings both in terms of time and money. It is therefore highly advisable for companies to learn more about this concept in order to ultimately benefit from this solution!

Disadvantages of temporary work for industrial companies

However, there is also criticism of the model of international temporary work: for example, it is said to often lead to precarious employment and wage dumping. Workers have no job security or income security - for example, because they can be dismissed at any time or because their employment contract is only for a limited period. Wage dumping refers to the phenomenon that in sectors where a lot of temporary labour from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania or the Baltic States is used, wages are often low. One of the reasons for this is that companies in these sectors are usually very much focused on cost-cutting and are therefore not willing to pay their employees adequate wages.

How many temporary workers work in Germany?

The Temporary work has been a growing and highly profitable market for years. In the meantime, more than 400,000 temporary workers are employed in Germany every year, and the trend is rising. Most of them come from Eastern European countries, mainly from Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania. Temporary workers from Eastern Europe often have little or no social security and often work under poor conditions. They are not entitled to Christmas or holiday pay and their working hours are often insecure and unregulated. Many foreign agency workers also have to do other jobs as a source of extra income for the company they work for.

Temporary foreign workers in industry

Temporary workers from EU countries or Eastern Europe play a major role in many sectors - especially in industry. International temporary work is very common in industry. Many companies use Temporary workers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania to bridge staff shortages at short notice or to work on orders for which they otherwise have no staff. Temporary workers are particularly often Qelders, Electrician, Locksmith, Mounting, cable technicians from Poland or Eastern Europe are employed by German industrial companies. 

However, there is also criticism of foreign temporary work. It is often criticised that the workers work under poor conditions and are badly paid. Social security is also often inadequate. Especially in Eastern and Southern Europe, there are repeated complaints about the working conditions in foreign temporary work. 

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