30 Nov 2022

Recruitment Eastern Europe

Are you looking for a recruitment agency from Eastern Europe? Are you interested in temporary employment or posting? We are your partner and service provider when it comes to Work contracts and the Temporary employment agency coming from Eastern Europe. Subcontractors and Temporary Work from countries like Poland or Romania,
Serbia, Czechs are very popular with our international customers. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you when it comes to the right one staff from Eastern Europe goes. Our sales and office will also be happy to advise you
and non-binding.

Temporary employment vs. posting – temporary work in Eastern Europe

If you want to employ staff from Eastern Europe, there are two options: temporary employment and posting.

Temporary employment agency

Employee leasing and temporary work supports you temporarily and helps you with a shortage of skilled workers and staff bottlenecks. In your company or your project, the topic of work contracts from Eastern Europe and also
Qutsourcing increasingly popular with our international customers Industry, craft and the Production. Temporary workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary or Croatia such as production assistants or skilled workers from Poland, Romania, Slovakia or the Czech Republic and the Baltic States are deployed around the world. Metal worker, electrician or Craftsmen from Poland to simple and production helpers, factory workers, shift workers, electricians, locksmiths, welders, metalworkers from Poland or the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia also like to work longer hours or overtime at the weekend is cash money.
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Employee posting

The posting of Eastern European workers comes into question if a specific work order is to be completed on time. If the employment of personnel from Eastern Europe is intended for a certain period of time, then there is a posting. The basis of a posting is a Work delay. The services are provided on this basis. When concluding a service contract, German companies do not enter into any long-term obligations. It's more about completing a specific task.

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Subcontractor wanted?

Are you looking for subcontractors from Eastern Europe? We can also provide you with subcontractors such as electricians, fitters, metalworkers, welders and heating engineers from Eastern Europe: Poland and Croatia if required - our network is unique throughout Europe. The topic of subcontracted electricians or fitters for photovoltaic systems from Poland or Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Croatia is also becoming increasingly popular with our customers. We are your reliable service provider with the right subcontractors from Eastern Europe.

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Recruitment Eastern Europe

Personnel from Eastern Europe – Zeitarbeit International supports you professionally and reliably by placing qualified and committed personnel from Eastern Europe.

Do you intend to use temporary workers and the Employee posting to hire employees from Eastern Europe? As an experienced recruiter in Eastern Europe, we support you in this.

By hiring out employees or posting them, you create numerous advantages for yourself. On the one hand, you avoid personnel bottlenecks and labor shortages. You will gain reliable personnel from Eastern Europe for specialist tasks as well as for auxiliary tasks and simple activities such as e.g. Production helper, production workers, sorters, packers, construction workers, etc. Through our personnel placement service in Eastern Europe, you receive professional support that takes your individual requirements into account. Furthermore, we guarantee you on-schedule processing as well as planning security and customer satisfaction. Thanks to our temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, the Baltic States and Ukraine, you will be able to permanently optimize personnel costs. You will also significantly reduce the time you spend on recruiting.

The temporary employment and the posting of employees from Eastern Europe are carried out under strict consideration of all relevant legal regulations of Germany and the European Union. Trust our experience and competence.

Recruitment Industries:

We provide personnel for industry, production, logistics, machine relocation, transport, etc. From qualified specialists for industrial services such as Swiss, electricians, industrial fitters or car mechanics am assistants such as production helpers, forklift drivers or bodyworkers to industrial clerks, - Zeitarbeit International is your reliable personnel service provider in the industrial sector. Regardless of whether you want to cover temporary order peaks or bottlenecks due to waves of illness or holidays - with our qualified industrial staff from Eastern Europe you can react quickly and efficiently to the constantly changing requirements of the labor market and your personnel challenges. 

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We will put you in contact with potential employees from Eastern Europe who exactly meet your needs as quickly as possible. Take advantage of the expertise and reliability of staff from Eastern Europe!

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