11 Jan 2023

The 5 best reasons why you should hire skilled workers from Eastern Europe!

In the last few years, the number of German companies that have Workers from Eastern Europe employ, increased considerably. This is not necessarily surprising, because Eastern European skilled workers offer many advantages for German companies.

The advantages of workers from Eastern Europe for your company:

1. Skilled workers from Eastern Europe are highly qualified

Workers from Eastern Europe are often more qualified than other workers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Many Eastern European countries have a very high level of education and a long professional qualification in technical and economic branches. Therefore, most workers from Eastern Europe have a very good technical background, which helps to support and advance your business. From Eastern Europe come many Qelders, Locksmith, mechanic, automotive technician, photovoltaic fitters, Electrician, Installateure als Temporary workers or Subcontractors to Germany. We, from Zeitarbeit International, we have a large pool of skilled workers from Eastern Europe, whom we place with German companies quickly and easily. 

2. Workers from Eastern Europe are motivated and committed

Skilled workers from Eastern Europe are often very hardworking and motivated. They are used to working hard to feed their families. Even if some of them still have to learn German, they quickly work their way up to the same level as their colleagues with German language skills. Therefore, one can be sure that such employees will have a positive impact on the productivity of the company.

3. Cost reduction for your company

It is worth recruiting skilled workers from Eastern Europe, as the costs for this are significantly lower than in many other parts of the world. As many countries in Eastern Europe are still in the process of modernising and diversifying their economies, the labour market in Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania or Hungary is not yet as professionally established as it is in Germany and is therefore more cost-effective for German companies.

4. Flexibility and commitment Skilled workers from Eastern Europe

Workers from Eastern Europe are usually very flexible and willing to work. This means that they are willing to work overtime or weekends if necessary. In addition, many skilled workers from Eastern Europe have no problem travelling to other cities or countries if the company requires it.

5. Loyalty and commitment of Eastern European workers

Professionals from Eastern Europe are usually very loyal and committed to their employer. This means that they will do their best to make the company successful and stay on board in the long term. In addition, many professionals from Eastern Europe are willing to bring in new ideas and be creative in order to advance the work of the company.

So if you are looking for qualified employees, you should definitely also consider skilled workers from Eastern Europe. We, at Zeitarbeit International, support you in this. 

We place skilled workers from almost all industries:

Automotive industry

Car production, car maintenance, car cleaning, etc.

Industrial assembly

Steel building construction, car park construction, plant construction, bridge construction, crane runway renovation, etc.


Planning of steel constructions, calculation, production etc.


Production helper, production worker, production worker, filler

Welders and locksmiths

Aluminium welding, inert gas welding etc.

Electrical engineering

Lighting technology, industrial installations, automation technology, etc.

Zeitarbeit International offers flexibility, experience & professionalism with personnel from Eastern Europe!

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