01 Dec 2022

Posting employees abroad - everything you need to know.

If you want to post an employee abroad or have employees posted to Germany from other EU countries, there are many questions for you as an employer: 

  • How does the secondment work? Is it subject to notification?
  • What do you need an A1 certificate for?
  • What will change in terms of social security cover? 
  • Is a secondment limited in time?
  • What happens if the posted employee falls ill? 
  • Who will help me with the employee secondment?

Are there any country-specific differences? What costs are associated with sending employees abroad?

You can find out this and more in this article.

Is an employee secondment subject to notification?

Employers must report an employee posting to the competent social insurance institution in order to prove that the legal provisions of the respective country continue to apply for the period of employment abroad. This enables employers to avoid paying social security contributions twice.

Within the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland, you need a A1 certificate. This is issued by social insurance organisations and is strictly controlled in many EU countries.

What do you need an A1 certificate for?

Employers are obliged to obtain an A1 certificate from their employees when posting them to other EU countries. Foreign employees must have this certificate with them. 
The A1 certificate is proof that the employee is subject to the social security regulations of the respective country. 

What is meant by freedom of movement for employees?

Free movement of labour is a regulation that applies within the European Union (EU). Thanks to this regulation, neither a visa nor a residence permit is required when posting workers within the EU.

However, in addition to the general EU regulations, there are specific regulations in individual countries regarding the obligation to register. You should definitely take these into account when posting employees.

Duration of posting abroad

For postings within the EU Economic Area and Switzerland, the validity of an A1 certificate is limited to 24 months. For other countries, the regulations of the social security agreement of the respective country apply.

What happens in the event of illness?

If an employee falls ill abroad, they are entitled to continued payment of remuneration. The duration of the illness should be notified at the place of stay. During the continued payment of remuneration, your posted employee should receive the gross remuneration including all benefits in kind. 

The posting is also extended in the event of illness not by the corresponding period.

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