15 May 2024

Temporary employment licence in Eastern European countries: Requirements and conditions

If you are a Eastern European workers want to work abroad, in most cases you will need a temporary work permit. This permit allows you to work in another country for a limited period of time. What are the requirements and conditions for a temporary work permit? In this article, we will look at the requirements and prerequisites for a temporary employment licence in Eastern European countries.

What is a temporary work permit?

One Temporary employment licence is a document that gives Eastern European employees the Permission to work in another country. It is issued by the national authorities and is valid for a limited period of time. This permit is required in order to Protect the rights of employees and to ensure that they have appropriate working conditions.

Requirements for the granting of a temporary employment licence

In order to obtain a temporary employment licence, certain requirements must be met. Prerequisites must be fulfilled. These are as follows:

  • A valid passport and a residence permit in the host country
  • An employment contract between the employee and the employer
  • A valid document confirming the reason for the temporary employment (e.g. a project or an order)
  • A certificate of the employee's state of health

These should be Observe and comply with requirementsin order to comply with the provisions of the temporary employment licence.

Requirements for the granting of a temporary employment licence

The national authorities provide certain Requirements for Eastern European employees, who apply for a temporary work permit. These requirements include:

  • A specific qualification or experience in the field in which the employee will work
  • An appropriate salary that corresponds to the Minimum wage corresponds to
  • Reasonable working hours and appropriate working conditions
  • The fulfilment of legal requirements with regard to social security and taxes

This ensures that employee rights are respected and properly implemented.

Study on temporary employment in the European Union

In a Study by the Hans Böckler Foundation from 2020 analysed the effects of temporary employment in the European Union. The study entitled "Temporary agency work in the European Union: Between economic opportunities and social challenges" (HBS-004262) analyses the economic benefits and social challenges of temporary employment from the perspective of the employees and employers concerned.

The results of the study show that temporary employment offers both opportunities and risks for the countries concerned. Challenges offers. While the economic Advantages in the form of increasing productivity and flexibility labour markets, the study also highlights that the social challenges such as inadequate working conditions, lower wages and risks of discrimination exist.

The study therefore recommends a Stronger regulation and monitoring of temporary employment in the European Unionto protect the rights of Eastern European workers and promote a fair and sustainable working environment.

Advantages of the temporary employment licence

A temporary employment licence offers several advantages to both employees and employers. These include

  1. Legal protection: The temporary employment licence protects the rights of employees and ensures that they receive appropriate working conditions and pay. It also ensures that employees have the necessary insurance and are protected in the event of an accident at work.
  2. Freedom of movement: With a temporary work permit, employees can work in several Eastern European countries and gain experience in different cultures and industries.
  3. Career development: Employees have the opportunity to improve their skills and expand their professional network. This can improve their career opportunities and help them find better jobs.
  4. Flexibility for employers: Employers can draw on a pool of qualified employees from different countries, which helps them to optimise their business processes and increase their productivity.
  5. Cultural exchange: The temporary work permit promotes cultural exchange between Eastern European countries and helps to strengthen bilateral relations.

Overall, a temporary employment licence can be an advantage for both employees and employers. Valuable investment as they provide opportunities for professional development, Financial security and cultural experience offers.


The temporary employment licence is a important document, which allows Eastern European employees to work in another country. In order to obtain such a permit, certain requirements and conditions must be met. It is important to inform yourself about these requirements in order to to obtain a temporary employment licence in good time and without any problems.

Temporary Work International: Support and contact

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