09 Mar 2023

Finding temporary workers made easy: Success with foreign workers!

Temporary work is an interesting option for anyone looking for flexible employment opportunities. It enables companies to target and efficiently match their workforce to specific projects or work requirements. Are you planning to hire temporary workers and are you wondering where to find the best temporary workers? There are a large number of qualified temporary workers in Eastern Europe, especially from Poland. The Polish temporary workers have in-depth specialist knowledge and are ready to work in your company.

 In this blog we look at different aspects of temporary work and how to find the right temporary workers. From identifying the requirements and skills of the job to tips for selecting suitable candidates - here you will find everything you need to know about the search for qualified temporary workers.


If you as a company are thinking about hiring temporary workers from abroad, it is important that you consider a few aspects. Like any other type of employee, temporary workers from abroad must be treated fairly and guaranteed the same rights. However, there are challenges that exist when employing temporary workers from abroad.

On the one hand, it is difficult to find suitable candidates and hire them on time. Since many temporary workers cannot be found through the Internet due to language barriers, cultural differences and lack of access to online application platforms, it is necessary to hire professional recruitment agencies. Also, companies must ensure that all legal requirements for hiring foreign employees are met to avoid legal problems.

Opportunities in employing foreign temporary workers

However, companies can also take advantage of various opportunities by employing temporary workers from abroad. Hiring foreign workers can help companies more efficiently meet their skilled labor needs and discover new areas of expertise in areas where there is a regional labor shortage. In addition, companies can hopefully learn a lot about other cultures and form intercultural teams.


It is also important that temporary workers from abroad receive fair working conditions and are paid appropriately. In the longer term, companies should consider giving foreign agency workers a chance to advance their careers and be hired into full-time positions, especially if these candidates prove to be a good fit for the team and add value to the company. 

Overall, hiring temporary workers from abroad poses both challenges and opportunities for companies. By taking the right measures and treating everyone involved fairly - whether employee or customer - companies can form profitable intercultural teams and create positive prospects for everyone.