06 Mar 2023

Electronics technician for automation technology: why these professions are in such high demand

Electronics technicians for automation technology are an important part of modern industry. They ensure that machines and systems function smoothly and thus make a significant contribution to efficiency and productivity. You are responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of electronic control and regulation systems. They design new systems or optimize existing ones. Their tasks also include the maintenance and repair of defective systems.

Responsibilities of electronics technicians for automation technology

The range of tasks of electronics technicians for automation technology is very wide. On the one hand, they are responsible for ensuring the operation of automated systems and plants. Such a system can consist of several parts, all of which must be connected in order for it to function smoothly. These include control and regulation systems, measuring devices and sensors. Electronics technicians for automation technology have extensive specialist knowledge in relation to electrical and mechanical systems. Their tasks as electronics technicians for automation technology include not only the installation, maintenance and repair of the systems, but also their programming.

In addition, they take over Quality control of the plants and are responsible for them Production process monitoring. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to identify and correct errors in the system and to add new components or contribute to the optimization of existing components. In addition, it is important that electronics technicians for automation technology are always up to date with regard to new developments in the industry and observe industry trends. In this way, they can ensure that their work is based on the latest findings and that the systems can be operated more efficiently. Finally, electronics technicians for automation technology will often have to work as consultants or problem solvers in order to be able to assist customers with technical questions. 

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