30 Jun 2022

Find staff from Eastern Europe

Are you looking for staff from Eastern Europe?a? We are your recruitment agency for Eastern Europe and a reliable service provider when it comes to Work contracts and the Temporary employment agency from Eastern Europe. Contracts for labour and Temporary Work from countries like Poland or Romania, Serbia, Czechs are very popular with our international customers.
Our experienced team will be happy to advise you when it comes to finding the right personnel from Eastern Europe. Our sales department and our office will be happy to advise you without obligation.

"Temporary staffing and temporary employment supports you temporarily and helps
to help you with skills shortages and staff shortages. Become our partner and benefit from our experience and expertise."

Peter Gassenmaier - CEO Zeitarbeit International
Contract for work & outsourcing

The topic of labour contracts from Eastern Europe and also Qutsourcing increasingly popular with our international customers in industry, trade and production. Temporary workers such as production assistants or skilled workers from Eastern Europe: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, or the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic. Baltikum. are in use worldwide.
metal construction, Electrics or handicraft up to the simple Production helperfactory workers, shift workers, electricians, Locksmith, Qeldersmetalworker. Craftsmen from PolandThe employees in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia are happy to work longer hours or at weekends because overtime is hard cash.

We mediate in all industries>>>

We can also provide you with subcontractors such as fitters, metalworkers, welders and heating engineers from Eastern Europe: Poland and Croatia. Our network is unique throughout Europe.
The topic of subcontracted electricians or fitters for photovoltaic systems from Poland or Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Croatia is also becoming increasingly popular with our customers. Here, too, we are your reliable service provider with the right subcontractors from
Eastern Europe.

  • Flexibility in personnel planning
  • Low personnel costs with staff from Eastern Europe
  • Access to a large pool of qualified labour from Eastern Europe to meet your requirements
  • Personalised advice
  • Motivate German-speaking workers

We are your strong partner in the areas of subcontractor placement, personnel placement, temporary employment, temporary work from Poland and Eastern Europe. We offer you a complete cost package without subsequent surprises. We are also responsible for complete processing. We provide customised placements according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements.