22 May 2024

Labour rights and health and safety regulations for temporary workers in logistics

The Logistics industry is constantly growing and is subject to strong fluctuations. Many companies have peak times when they not only want to rely on their permanent staff but also need temporary workers.

There are many advantages when a company employs temporary workers. Unfortunately, however, it is often forgotten that temporary workers also enjoy labour rights and are subject to health and safety regulations.

What are the labour rights of temporary workers?

The Temporary Employment Act regulates the labour rights of temporary workers in logistics. Equal treatment and equal pay are a central element of this. This ensures that wages, working hours and other essential working conditions are the same as for permanent employees.

  • temporary workers must receive the same hourly wage and the same bonuses (e.g. night bonuses, overtime bonuses) as permanent employees who perform comparable work. 
  • They are also entitled to the same working time regulations as the core workforce, including breaks and rest periods.
  • Temporary employees have the same holiday entitlement as permanent employees. This is based on the statutory requirements or the regulations in the company of assignment. 
  • In the same way, temporary workers must be informed in advance about their specific work tasks and location.
  • In addition, temporary workers have the right to contact the works council at the company of assignment and to seek trade union support. They can also take part in works meetings if this is necessary to exercise their rights.
  • Temporary workers also enjoy the same protection against dismissal as permanent employees. This means that they are also subject to the statutory notice periods and may only be dismissed under the conditions set out in the German Protection against Dismissal Act (KSchG). This includes protection against arbitrary or unjustified dismissal and compliance with social criteria in the case of dismissals for operational reasons.

What health and safety regulations apply to temporary workers?

Occupational health and safety for temporary workers is safeguarded by various legal regulations. Employers are obliged to ensure the health and safety of temporary workers in the workplace. The most important legal principles include

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG)The ArbSchG obliges employers to take measures to protect employees from health and safety hazards at work.
  • Employer's liability insurance associationsThese organisations ensure the implementation and monitoring of occupational health and safety measures and also provide accident insurance cover for employees.

Requirements for temporary workers in logistics

The logistics sector places special demands on occupational health and safety, as the activities are often physically demanding and involve special hazards. The specific occupational health and safety measures include

  • Risk assessmentsThe operating company must carry out regular risk assessments in order to identify potential sources of danger and take appropriate protective measures.
  • Training and instructionTemporary workers must be comprehensively trained and instructed before starting work and in the event of changes to working conditions. This includes safety regulations, the handling of machines and equipment as well as first aid measures.
  • Ergonomic workstationsErgonomic workstations must be set up and aids made available to protect the health of temporary workers, especially for physically demanding tasks such as lifting and carrying heavy loads.

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