01 Mar 2023

Subcontracting: The Key to Attracting More Clients?

Subcontracts are an important instrument of economic cooperation. They enable companies to adapt their services flexibly to the needs of their customers and thus save costs.

German companies are increasingly outsourcing work these days subcontractors, also so-called subcontracts. This is a form of external service procurement in which external companies take on tasks that were originally intended to be carried out by the client themselves. But what exactly is a subcontract and what advantages and disadvantages does it have?

What are subcontracts?

Subcontracts are sections of a larger project that are carried out by subcontractors. They represent a good opportunity to reduce costs and use resources more efficiently. However, quality should be considered when selecting subcontractors, since a poor personnel service provider can affect the quality of the overall project. 

Subcontracting can be a great addition to your business, especially if you operate in a niche. By working with other companies, you can increase your knowledge and experience and expand your business into new markets. Subcontractor wanted? We at Zeitarbeit International are happy to support you! To contact us and let our experts advise you.

Advantages of subcontracting with subcontractors

The biggest advantage of subcontracting is the cost cutting. By hiring outside subcontractors to do specific jobs, you can cut costs by not having the labor costs and other regular costs of a business. 

Furthermore, it expands you network and gives you access to new ones Ideas, talents and innovative approaches. It is also a good way to react quickly and complete projects in a short time, especially in the event of unforeseen events or sudden changes in the market.

Disadvantages of subcontracting with subcontractors

A disadvantage of subcontracting is the risk of quality degradation and non-compliance with agreed deadlines by external companies. Many firms have no direct control over external companies or their workflow, which can make it difficult to meet agreed quality and time standards. 

Additionally, it can be difficult to monitor the status of the project or report to management as more than one party may be involved. It is also not always worth committing to external partners if you cannot monitor the progress of the project and this possible lack of flexibility disrupts the course of the project.

Selection of suitable subcontractors

Selecting a suitable subcontractor or subcontractor is an important part of any project planning. Working with such a company can positively affect the results of your project if you make the right choice. A good choice for your project is a company that has the necessary skills and resources to deliver the agreed services. In addition, it should be able to react to changes in a quick manner.

In order to save costs, many companies work with subcontractors from EU countries or Eastern Europe. It is important that companies are careful when subcontracting. By working with subcontractors from Eastern European countries, companies can Cost savings achieve. However, companies must also ensure that the quality of the services does not come under pressure. Therefore, it is important for companies to carefully select and regularly review their subcontractors to ensure they are delivering the requested services.

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Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland

Subcontractors from abroad

As an experienced personnel service provider, we provide Zeitarbeit International, since subcontractors for many years Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Baltic States and Eastern Europe and act as an interface between clients in Germany and contractors abroad. We provide you with qualified specialists and assistants from the following sectors:

Temporary work International s.r.o.

Since over 25 years are we as subcontractor mediationhe active. We provide companies in Germany with skilled workers from abroad for trade, construction, industry, solar technology, industrial assembly, Machine relocationsElectrical engineeringAutomotive industryMetal and steel constructionProduction and logistics. 

Are you looking for a reliable partner for skilled workers from abroad? Contact us! We look forward to cooperation!

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